The Walnut planet – Episode 2

The Walnut planet – Episode 2
The Walnut planet – Episode 2 Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Scientific

In a vast and sparkling space, Little Walnut, a newborn in the Solar System, embarks on an adventure to make friends among the planets and learn the secret of staying in his orbit.

Little cute walnut was born in that very exciting moment! He shook his body and turned around to see the world he was born in! He looked around very carefully!

It’s a bit strange up here honey! isn’t it? asked Sun!

This place is huge! OMG! You are very shiny and warm! Walnut was shocked.

Yeah! This is what I like about space! It’s really huge; so there is enough place for all the naughty planets and stars to turn and move whenever they want! Mercury giggled.

Walnut smiled. He said:

Dear sun! I wanna be very very close to you; cause it’s more warm beside you!

No No No! Stop! Don’t come closer! Said Sun worriedly!

You will burn near Sun little one! Mercury laughed.

But why? Walnut was sad.

Cause she is extremely hot! Mercury answered.

That’s sad! I wanted to hug you! Walnut cried.

I know honey; but I can’t make you warm like this! If you wanna get warm, you have to learn to turn around me. Said Sun kindly.

Turning around you? How? Asked walnut.

Yes! Just look at others! They are all turning around me in a circle! Said Sun.

Do you know why? Mercury asked.

Nope! I don’t know!

Because when we turn around sun, her light can make all our bodies warm! Come on Walnut! I will teach you how to turn around sun!

Walnut followed Mercury and step by step started to turn very slowly! When son saw Walnut is trying very hard, started shining to make Walnut warm and comfortable! Walnut wasn’t very good at first! He was constantly crashing to shooting stars!

No No! Look Walnut! You have to stay in your orbit; otherwise you will crash into other planets or shooting stars! Said Mercury.

But, What is Orbit? How am I supposed to find mine? Walnut was confused.

Mercury started to explain for Walnut! He taught Walnut Hot to find his orbit; and more importantly, how to stay in it all the time.

All the planets have their own orbit, which is like a private road! And Sun will be standing in the center of our orbits and shine all over the place! And we are gonna turn in our orbits and play! Said Mercury!

Walnut looked at other planets! They were all turning and playing in their own orbits! It looked like they were having so much fun!

Walnut started to turn in his orbit and said Hello to all of the planets. He also asked their names. First, he couldn’t learn their names; cause they were a little strange. For example, Jupiter was the biggest planet, or Neptune, Who was looked like a big blue ball! Their names was very odd.

Don’t worry! I will make lots of friends soon! Mercury said this and started playing in his orbit.

Walnut was happy. He was starting to like his new home: The “Solar system“!

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