The walnut planet – Episode 1

The walnut planet – Episode 1
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The walnut planet – Episode 1 Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Scientific

it is the story of the birth of a new born planet named “Walnut”. Join his magical journey.

All stories begin in sky! Well, you should know that in the sky, a little bit above the white puffy clouds, there is a huge world called ” Galaxy “. Everyone who live in the galaxy are round and chubby! Like a giant ball or a big orange! But they are not ball or fruit! They are planets! Like us, planets have names too!

for example, There is a really small, cute naughty planet called ” Mercury ” or another on who is known for her gorgeous brilliant ring and her name is ” Saturn “! All planets are always turning and dancing from one side to another!

Sun ” is responsible for make sky cozy and comfortable and keeping the planets warm. She is so kind! She provides light and comfort for everyone!

One of these days, when all our chubby planets were busy turning around their orbits and Sun was shining all over the sky, something strange happened! A colorful dusty storm began to blow!

OH MY GOD! I think Mercury has broken the speed limit again and crashed into one of the shooting stars! Said Sun anxiously. Where are you Mercury? How many times di I have to tell you to slow down?

Mercury jumped out and said:

Is anybody calling me? I’m here! All safe and healthy!

SO what is that pile of colorful dust over there? OH! Were planets had a cloud fight again?! Sun wondered and her face turned red!

All planets realized that Sun is very worried! Because they know Whenever Sun gets angry, sad or worried, she becomes very hot and her face turns red!

In the corner of the sky, the dusty storm was becoming bigger and bigger every second! Suddenly, in front of the surprised eyes of all planets, a very cute, beautiful tiny planet appeared out of the colorful dust!

All the planets smiled! They just realized what was happening! The dust was for the birth of a new planet! They were all so happy.

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Mercury sang, dancing around his orbit!

The new born planet was coughing and sneezing constantly.

How cute and shiny he is! Mercury giggled!

Well! He is a new born planet! All of you guys were this small when you were born! I can remember all of your birthdays! Sun laughed! you were all tiny; just like this cute ” Walnut “!

Walnut? Such a funny name! Saturn laughed.

Yes! Look at him! He is round and tiny! Just like a little walnut! Sun said kindly. Welcome to our solar system little one!

Walnut, who couldn’t talk yet, looked around the solar system and started turning around himself! He was very surprised to see all those big planets!

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