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More than 50 moral stories for kids, free and best, good and short moral stories for children and babies in english at Moonzia.

Recent Moral Stories for Kids

Lily, the Bravest Girl

Lily, the Bravest Girl

  • Age: 4-6, 7-9
  • Genre: Realistic

In Harmonyville, Lily faced the storm of bullying until a kind-hearted friend, Emma, stood by her side. Their friendship, coupled with the support of the school community, transformed adversity into a powerful force for change.

The cherry tree

The cherry tree

  • Age: 4-6, 7-9
  • Genre: Non-fiction

One sunny day, when Hannah’s room was filled with the aroma of freshly picked cherries, she embarked on a delightful adventure, turning cherries into earrings, art, and math practice, all while sharing the joy of cherries with her neighbors.

FAQs about moral stories for kids

What is a moral story?

A moral story, is a story with a one ore more moral points or life skills that can help your kid be more understanding, kind and accepting. Teaching every life skill through a nice story would easier and fun.

Are moral stories good for kids?

Absolutely! Moral stories are useful to teach any lesson and skill to your kids. Moreover, you can read moral stories at bedtime and create a good sleep environment.

Are moral stories good for bedtime?

Yeah! moral stories, specially, the ones with funny characters and events, can make kids relax and calm. Moreover, because reading these stories can teach valuable life lessons, you can talk about them with you kids and listen to their opinions.

How can I find the best short story?

For finding best moral stories for kids, you can always visit and find various short stories for all children with different interests.

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