The Walnut planet – Episode 3

The Walnut planet – Episode 3
The Walnut planet – Episode 3 Information
GenreFantasy, Scientific

Meet Walnut, the tiny planet in the vast Solar System. Feeling lonely, Walnut seeks friends among celestial neighbors but faces unexpected challenges.

Walnut was now officially a planet who was living in the space and his home was the Solar system. Thus he was really small, none of the astronomers had found him yet, so all the other planets called him Walnut.

It was a regular day and Walnut was really bored. He said to the Moon:

Will you play with me a bit?

I have to sleep! I was working all night long! go play with someone else!

walnut turned and went to the stars.

Guys! Wanna play?

No! We have to rest! We have to help the moon and light the sky at night! They said together!

Walnut was sad! Night doesn’t need that light! Moon’s light would be enough!

No! If we don’t help Moon, night will be very dark! Then all the birds will lost their ways and all the children will be scared! Said the stars.

Walnut turned around and went to one of the planets! Her name was Venus and she had a hand fan!

Dear! Who are you? Asked Venus.

I’m a new small planet! My name is Walnut!

What do you want honey?

I’m bored! Wanna play a game?

Play a game? Here? No honey! It’s really hot here! You are gonna be sick. You shouldn’t be this close to the Sun! Go! Go and play somewhere else!

Where? Where can I play? I’m so bored! Walnut cried

If you go this way, you will see a rounded blue and green planet that we call him Earth. Go and ask him to play with you! Said Venus kindly.

Walnut turned again and reached Earth! Earth was turning around himself! Walnut laughed and start turning around himself just like Eerth!

Who are you kid? What are you doing? Earth wondered.

I’m Walnut! The new planet! I’m bored! Venus told me that I can play with you sir! I’m really happy that you are already playing and turning!

Earth laughed and said:

Kid! This is not a game! I’m working! My job is to take care of the humans who are living on my body!

Human? You have humans on your body? What is human? Walnut wondered.

Come! Come closer so you can see them! Come! Said Earth.

Walnut went a little closer! Yep! There they were! Walnut was really excited. But unlike him, humans were terrified to see another planet that close to Earth.

Hurry! Go back! You scared them. Said Earth.

Walnut went back quickly and asked:

If you like those humans That much, why are turning so fast? They will get dizzy! They gonna fall!

No! They won’t! Earth laughed. If I don’t turn. half of them will freeze and the other half will melt out of hot weather.

Walnut laughed and said:

So I will Turn too. Let’s race! Each of us turn more, would be the winner!

Ok! Challenge accepted. Earth smiled.

Walnut was really happy about finding Earth. Earth was a kind planet! He will be a really good friend to Walnut.

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