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Listen to free online audio stories, More than 80 kids audio stories and audiobooks, including: moral, short, bedtime, music, fairy tales children story at Moonzia

Moonzia is a children’s website that has prepared a large number of audio stories for kids in various themes and tones for your little ones. Feel free to enjoy our free audio stories.

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FAQs about audio stories for kids

Are Moonzia's audio stories free?

Yes! Moonzia’s audio stories are totally free and you can play them for your kids while they are looking at the script!

What skills do kids learn from audio stories?

They teach kids valuable moral points like kindness, patience, respect, and love. They also teach them how to listen effectively and read words correctly.

What are the benefits of audio stories?

They help kids to be more curious, imaginative and kind. Also, they significantly enhance their reading and listening skills.

Do audio stories help kids read?

Of course! If you play the audio when your kids are reading the story, it will help them to get familiar with the words and their correct pronunciation.

Do audio stories help kids sleep?

Sure, they do! They soothe children before sleep so, they can sleep calmly and relaxed.

Is audio learning more effective than reading?

They both have their own advantages. You should consider using both in kids’ daily schedule. But audio stories are more convenient. So, they can entertain kids when they are bored. Let’s just say that audio stories come in handy sometimes!

Are audio stories better than music?

Music has its own benefits and it indeed improve the brain, But audio stories can be more entertaining and magical for children. They also can teach valuable things to our little ones. So put both music and audio stories in your kid’s daily routine!

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