The shoeless Caterpillar!

The shoeless Caterpillar!
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It was early Saturday morning and king caterpillar and his wife, queen caterpillar, were sleep in their bed when their son, prince caterpillar, ran into the their room and shouted:

Wake up mom! Wake up dad!

King and queen were so scared and shocked!

What happened son? Did somebody hurt you? Asked king caterpillar.

OMG! Has anything been stolen from the castle? Queen caterpillar cried.

Prince caterpillar cried louder and said:


So tell us what happened?!

My shoes! My shoes are tight! I can’t wear them anymore! Prince cried!

But I just bought you a new set of shoes yesterday! Queen caterpillar was surprised!

I don’t know! My new shoes don’t fit!

King and queen caterpillar looked at each other! They realized what was happening! Their lovely prince was growing up!

Don’t worry sun! You are just growing up! I will tell the ladybug the shoemaker to make you a new set of shoes! She is a very good shoe maker. King caterpillar smiled.

But dad! I have a thousand feet! This is gonna take too long! I’m gonna be shoeless caterpillar foe a long time! How can I play with bare feet? People gonna mock me!

His father said:

Don’t worry son! I will take care of this! you just go and get ready foe breakfast.

Then he started to write a letter for ladybug, who the best shoe maker he knew!

Dear ladybug!
I need you to call a thousand friends of yours and bring them to the castle! I need them too be very talented at making shoes, just like yourself! I’ll be waiting for you!
King caterpillar.

A few ours later, a thousand ladybugs were in the castle. king caterpillar said:

Remember you only have one day to finish all of prince’s shoes! So start as soon as possible!

next morning, king and queen caterpillar went to prince’s room and woke him up.

Son! You have to see this. come with us! his mother said kindly.

When prince walked into the garden, he couldn’t believe his eyes! There were a thousands shoes arranged on the ground! Prince was so happy. He jumped and hugged his mother and father. Now he could play with his friends again.

The king caterpillar laughed and whispered in ladybug’s ear:

Please be available! I suppose he is gonna grow up for a long time! We may have need new sets of shoes every week!

And then they giggled together!


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