The Walnut planet – Episode 4

The Walnut planet – Episode 4
The Walnut planet – Episode 4 Information
GenreFantasy, Scientific

Join the adventurous walnut and Mercury in their solar system escapades as they explore the mysteries of space and learn valuable lessons along the way.

The sound of the laughter of walnut and Mercury was complex throughout the solar system. They were rolling from one side of the circuit to the other and laughing! Suddenly, a thought came to walnut’s mind, and he said to Mercury:

Do you want to play hide and seek?

Mercury asked in surprise:
What is hide and seek?

Walnut said:
I close my eyes, and you run and go and hide somewhere. Then I have to come and find you!

Mercury agreed. They agreed that the first person to go around the sun should close his eyes, and the other person should go and hide.

The little planets started the race. They turned and made a complete circle around the sun. It was decided that Mercury should close his eyes first. The planet Venus, which always took care of the small planets, shouted:
Little ones! Be careful not to get too close to the sun while playing! The sun is hot and burns you!

Mercury closed his eyes. The little walnut fell and went to hide behind a star and said to the star in a soft voice:
Can you dim your light for a few moments so I can hide here?

The star frowned.
No! It is clear that it cannot be done! Do you want me to become a white dwarf?

Walnut asked in surprise:
What is a white dwarf?

The bright star frowned and said:
My light only dims when I run out of fuel! Then I am no longer a bright star and will become a white dwarf!

Walnut said:
No no! I don’t want this to happen!

Then the little walnut turned and sat behind the moon! The moon, who had just fallen asleep, woke up and said:
What has happened? How early was the night! I had yet to sleep!

Walnut said:
No no! It’s not night! It’s me! I want to hide behind you so Mercury can’t find me.

Moon said:
Go, kid! Go! I need to sleep because I was at work all night! Go play over there!

Walnut thought to himself, where he should hide! Suddenly his eyes fell on the sun, and he whispered to himself:
The sun is great! I go slowly and cautiously and hide behind the sun.

Walnut walked towards the sun. The closer he got to the sun, the more he felt the heat of the sun! He finally reached a place where he could no longer open his eyes due to the heat! The high heat of the sun was throwing him here and there. He shouted:
Help! Help! I’m burning!

But no one hears the sound of walnuts! The walnut was thrown around so much that he passed out and didn’t understand anything anymore!

A little later, he opened his eyes and saw that he was sitting on the shoulder of a star and was moving fast. He said in surprise:
Where am I? who are you?

Star said:
It is called a comet! I found you near the sun! I found you near the sun! Don’t you know you shouldn’t get close to the sun?

Walnut said listlessly:
Yeah! They told me, but I didn’t listen to them! Can you take me to my circuit?

Comet asked:
Where is your circuit

Walnut said:
I don’t know exactly where it is! I only know that I live somewhere near Mercury and Venus.

The comet, which knew all the ways of the galaxy, brought the walnut into its orbit, and the walnut learned to never get too close to the sun again.


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