Dinocity – watching the moon very closely

Dinocity – watching the moon very closely
Dinocity – watching the moon very closely Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Comedy

Long ago, in the land of Dinocity, curious Dinokids embarked on an exciting astronomy adventure led by Astrodino and guided by Mr. Dipo.

Millions of years ago, when there was no human on earth, very strange creatures lived on it!

They were tall, but they were no apartment or tower!

They were colorful, but the didn’t look like rainbow or gardens at all!

They were very strong and mighty, but they weren’t like trucks!

What do you think those beautiful creatures were called?

Yes of course! you are right! they were dinosaurs!

That days, dinosaurs lived in a flourishing city near on sleepy volcano! Their city called ” Dinocity “.

It was a really nice sunny day in Dinocity. Dinokids were preparing for astronomy camp. They were going to watch the shooting star and the moon! The camp was hold by astronomy center! Astrodino was the leader. He was a wise Dinosaur. And Mr. Dipo was going to go with them as a guide; because he knew the forest very well.

DimDim was so excited. He took his backpack and set out to reach the astronomy center. He was in the middle of his way that he realized he have forgotten his water bottle.

But, he couldn’t return… It was late already! So he decided to buy a small water bottle from Dinoshop, which was in his way to astronomy center.

DimDim entered the store and… that was when it happened!

Mr. Dinoseller! May I have a water bottle please!

yes of course son! Here you are!

WOW! Are those Dinoswords? Please give me one of those too! It really matches my SuperDino costume!

Here you are DimDim!

OMG! You have gummy bears! I love Gummy bears! I’ll buy a package!

Ok. That’s all? Mr. Dinoseller asked.

Yeah, thanks! How much do I have to pay?

OK, here you are! Bye! DimDim said this and left the store!

He saw all of Dinokids were already arrived! Astrodino took a deep breath an started to talk:

Well, the astronomy camp officially begins! We are gonna visit the “observatory” which is in the middle of a big field!

What? An observatory? Asked DinoElla, One of the cutest Dinokids in Dinocity!

Yeah! It is a place for watching stars. said Astrodino! my friend, Dipo, will guide us to cross the forest and reach the big field!

Yes! I will! I know very pretty safe roads that you are gonna love! I’m sure! Just follow me! We have a long way to go, so just walk slowly! I don’t want any of you guys to be out of breath! Mr. Dipo laughed.

We have to walk? No one mentioned that before! This was LazyDino! He was always tired and sleepy.

This is gonna be fun! DimDim shoted!

Well, ready to start guys? Dipo asked.

But, I’m afraid of forest! Said DinoElla!

don’t be afraid! I will protect all us with my Dinosword! Said DimDim with a giant smile!

Dinokids walked all day! they crossed the forest and finally the reached at the big field! It was a strange building in the middle of that field! It was the observatory! It didn’t look like a normal building at all! It was round with a big hole on it’s roof.

There were too many telescopes there! Night had come and everywhere was dark!

Well guys! Looks like we are here! Leave backpacks just there and come with me. I will show you the moon and the shooting star very closely.

All Dinokids ran toward Astrodino! They were so excited!

Well guys! Today we are gonna use this telescope to watch the moon and the shooting star!

Telescope? What’s that? DinoElla asked!

It’s a tool for watching stars! Dipo explained!

Yes, that’s right. Now, form a line, please and come here one by one! I will teach you how to use the telescope and see the moon! Astrodino said kindly. Then we all gonna wait for the shooting star to pass!

Dinokids were very excited and happy! Watching the moon with it’s funny holes was fasinating!

Then it was time to watch the shooting star! Dinokids ran and brought their snacks to eat while they were wauting for the shooting star! And…. yes! That was it! The shooting star crossed the sky! It was very beautiful and shiny!

DimDim who had fallen in love with the shooting star, said:

Where did it fall? I wanna go and find it! I want it to be mine!

Astrodino and Dipo laughed!

Oh dear! It didn’t fall! It’s in the space! It just crossed the sky and went to continue its journy! But if you want to have a star for yourself, you can buy a star necklace from the camp’s shop over there! That way, you will always have a star! Of course they are not real stars. They are just toys! Said Astrodino.

All of Dinokids went to the shop! DimDim was the first kid who arrived!

Sir! How much is this shiny star necklace?

5 Dinors son.

But, DimDim spent almost all of his money on water bottle, Dinosword and gummy bears! He just had 2 Dinors at the moment!

OH! No! What do I do now Mr. Dipo? DimDim cried!

Didn’t Dinojournalist told you to bring 10 Dinors with yourselves? So what’s the problem? asked Mr. Dipo.

Well, yes! But I had to buy a water bottle with it! And I also bought a Dinosword to match it with my Superdino costume! DimDim was embarrassed!

How much do you need? Mr. Dipo asked.

3 Dinors!

Here! I’ll borrow you 3 Dinors; but remember you have to return it!

Of course Mr. Dipo! I’ll receive my allowance in two days! Then I can return your money. DimDim was so happy. Thanks Mr. Dipo! you are very kind!

So DimDim bought a shiny star necklace, so he will always have a star by his side!

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