The Walnut planet – Episode 5

The Walnut planet – Episode 5
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The Walnut planet – Episode 5 Information
GenreFantasy, Scientific

Join Walnut on a bedtime adventure as he discovers the importance of a good night’s sleep and the wonders of the night sky!

It was night and the moon had just woken up and was ready to start its work, it looked at the walnut planet! Walnut couldn’t sleep that night and kept looking here and there!

Mercury and Venus had gone to sleep and a little further on the earth was also getting ready to sleep. He was bored and wanted to talk to someone. Therefore, he went to the ground and said:
I can’t sleep! Can I stay here and talk to you?

Earth said:
No! Now it’s time to sleep! Go ahead and count the stars so you can fall asleep!

Walnut said:
I know how many stars are in the sky! I don’t need to count! I’m bored and I can’t sleep!

Earth said:
So what should I do to make you fall asleep?

Walnut said:
Why don’t I have a moon to talk to him at night when everyone is sleeping?!

Earth said:
Mercury and Venus have no moon! Look how peacefully they slept! Go to sleep and don’t make excuses.

Walnut turned back sadly and looked at the moon from afar!

An asteroid that was next to the walnut asked him:
what has happened? Why are you upset, dear walnut?

Walnut explained everything to the asteroid with sadness! Asteroid said with a laugh.

Even if you have the moon, you can’t talk to him at night! Because the moon works at night and if he is distracted, he will be sick in the morning and his head will be confused! That’s when the eclipse happens!
Walnut asked:
what what is happening

Asteroid explained:
An eclipse is when the moon gets confused and mistakenly stands between the sun and another planet. Then the sun will not shine on that planet and that dark planet will be dark!

Walnut said:
Oops! how strange!

Asteroid said:
Yes! That’s why I say you should not distract the moon! Don’t be sad now! Here you are not the only planet without a moon! You alone can have beautiful nights! Go now! Go and sleep!

Walnut closed his eyes that night and counted the stars in his mind!
One billion two hundred and thirty seven!

And finally our walnut fell asleep and forgot about talking to the moon.

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