Dinocity – DimDim and a funny gift

Dinocity – DimDim and a funny gift
Dinocity – DimDim and a funny gift Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Comedy

DimDim is excited to visit Grandma and Grandpa in the dinosaur city. He plans a thoughtful gift for Grandpa, learning the value of savings and meaningful gestures.

Oh! what is this sound؟ do you hear؟
Ah yes! It’s DimDim’s voice! He is very happy, he is painting and singing! but why? I mean, what’s the news that DimDim is so happy!

DimDim! DimDim! Mommy Dim Dim calls him!

Yes Mom!

Have you packed your things, son?

No mom! I am still painting!

OK dear! When you are done, collect your things!

OK! Sure! Mom, look at my drawing! It’s me! This is grandma and that is grandpa! I drew this painting for them and I want to give them a gift!

What a beautiful picture you drew! Give them a gift! But don’t forget to pack your things tonight and put them in your backpack so you can leave early tomorrow!


OK! It turned out why DimDim is so happy! Because he and his mom and dad are going to visit grandma and grandpa. Grandma DimDim and Grandpa DimDim live in a dinosaur city, on the other side of the blue ocean. Dim Dim and his mother and father visit them once in a while and have fun together.

Now they have to prepare for the trip. They have to shop, pack their things, cook and a lot of other things.

That day, when Mommy DimDim prepared the food, she went shopping to come back and prepare her luggage. Dim Dim also prepared to go to the market with his mother. DimDim and his mother left to go shopping for the next day’s trip!

Sorry! Are our dinosaur glasses ready? Mommy DimDim asks!

The seller answers:
Yes, yes! It was ready yesterday! I was waiting for you to come and get it!

mom! mom!

Yes, dear!

mom! Look at that cane! A picture of a tyrex is painted on it! Grandpa loves Tyrex! Can we buy that cane for grandpa?

DimDim honey! It is very sweet that you want to buy a gift for grandpa! But that cane is very expensive! All the money in your piggy bank will run out! It is better not to spend all your savings!

Honestly, DimDim really wanted to buy a gift for grandpa. Because giving and receiving gifts make people happy. In this way, he could show Grandpa that he has become a big dinosaur and is becoming independent! But on the other hand, he didn’t like to spend all his savings because he had tried to collect it and if he spent all the money to buy a cane, he wouldn’t be able to buy a telescope!
DimDim put his green hand on his head and started thinking!

So what should I buy for grandpa?

The salesman interrupted DimDim’s thoughts:

Here you are! This is the big dinosaur glasses you wanted!

Thank you! It’s so beautiful! Grandpa will be very happy for sure!

Indeed! Don’t you want to buy a glasses strap so that grandpa can put his glasses around his neck so that he doesn’t lose them? It’s a good idea!

It was here that DimDim’s eyes sparkled and he said:

Dinosaur glasses strap?


Can you tell me how much it costs?

Five Dinors!

It was here that DimDim was happy and said:

mom! mom!

Yes, dear?!

With a little bit of money from my piggy bank, I will buy a pair of glasses for grandpa so that he doesn’t lose his glasses! What do you think?

It’s great, my son! Grandpa will be very happy for sure! This is the best gift! You thought well!

The next day, DimDim and Mom and Dad left for the dinosaur city on the other side of the ocean! Dim Dim had drawn a beautiful picture for grandma and bought a nice glasses strap for grandpa!
This is called a suitable and good choice! I hope DimDim and his mom and dad have a great time and come back soon so we can tell you DimDim’s adventures again! Do you think DimDim saves his money while traveling?

Children! Do you also draw for your grandmother and grandfather? Go now and draw them a beautiful picture and make them happy.

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