Dinocity – DimDim bakes a birthday cake

Dinocity – DimDim bakes a birthday cake
Dinocity – DimDim bakes a birthday cake Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Comedy

Get ready for a dino-sized birthday adventure as DimDim shops for a special surprise in Dinocity!

Like us humans, dinosaurs are born one day and that day is their birthday. Of course, you must know that dinosaurs come out of eggs just like chicks!

I said that to announce that a birthday is going to be held in Dinocity today. Mommy DimDim’s birthday! Who do you think is going to celebrate this birthday? Well, it is clear! DimDim! DimDim is going to celebrate his mother’s birthday! He has invited everyone! He is going to bake a cake for the guests himself! Dim Dim’s father also promised to help his son in baking a cake!

Well, my son! Do we have flour

Flour? No, we don’t!

So, I will write flour in the list! How about clover powder?

Wait a minute, Dad! I have to look!
No! It is not that much!

But it is enough for today’s cake! We also need some firewood! I write this in the list too!

Daddy DimDim looked at the shopping list and said:

OK! Flour and firewood! We need these, my dear boy!

Daddy DimDim gave DimDim the shopping list along with eight dinors and said:

Son, take this shopping list to the store so I can go to work! Today I have to go to the back gate of the city and guard it. That’s why I can’t go shopping myself!

Hooray! I grew up, dad! I can go shopping myself!

Well done son! So I will go and come back, go buy these things and come back!

DimDim went and went until he reached the big store in the city! He took out the shopping list from his pocket, took a trolley and started shopping!

OK! Where should I start? Yes! of flour! I have to go get a package of flour from the flour shelf!

DimDim took a package of flour from the shelf!

OK! That is it! Wow! They also have plantain leaf powder! Let me take a package from this too! Maybe it was necessary! Well, now I will buy a package of bowls! Dad has bought bowls, but maybe there are not enough bowls! Well, I think the purchase is over! Excuse me, sir, how many dinors will These cost?

Hello DimDim! I heard that you want to celebrate your mother’s birthday! OK! Your These will be 6 dinors!

6 diners? Yes! here you are!

Then DimDim walked towards the firewood shop.

Hello! I want firewood!

Yes! How much firewood do you want, DimDim?

As much as I can bake a cake!

That’s Nice! Do you want to bake a cake for your mom’s birthday? So come and take these two packs of firewood!

Yes, thank you! How much does it cost?

6 dinors!

What 6 dinors? But… I only have 2!

2 dinors! You can not buy firewood with that!

Yes guys! DimDim, who had bought two more items from the store, had no money to buy firewood! So he asked the seller to keep the firewood so that he could go to the store and come back.

DimDim ran to the store to return the extra bowls and plantain leaf powder! But guess what happened?!
The seller refused to take them back! Some stores are like this! Some of them don’t take back the goods they sold!

That’s why DimDim had to explain everything to Daddy DimDim and promise that from now on he will only buy things from the store that are written in the shopping list.

Guys! Do you write the things you want to buy on paper? What? You still do not know how to write? no problem! Draw their shape as you can.
I think a painted shopping list is much cooler!

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