Moon – scientific journey

Moon – scientific journey
Moon – scientific journey Information

In an engaging space talk, kids learn fascinating moon facts: its birth, surface, hidden twin, and why the Earth doesn’t have holes like the moon!

Here is somewhere beyond the clouds!

Hi guys! How are you?

Do you remember what we talked about? Life in space, nebula, stars! Yes, well done!

Today we are going to talk about the moon! Tell me to see! How many times have you seen the moon in the sky? ten times Hundred times? thousand times? So tell me, how much have you paid attention to the moon? For example, do you know what color the moon is? White, black or gray?!

In your opinion, what kind of shape does the moon have? Is it like a round ball or a cube? good job! The moon is spherical!

Guys, you must know that the earth has only one moon! Isn’t it? I know you know!

The moon is a gray sphere! Just like an orange or a soccer ball that fell into a gray paint bucket!
Do you know how big the moon is? The moon is a quarter of the earth! That is, if we put four moons together, it will be the size of the earth.


How much do you think the moon weighs? one kilo? Ten kilos, or a hundred kilos?!
No! It’s much more! Of course, not as much as the weight of the earth! If we divide the earth into 81 parts, the weight of the moon is equal to one of those eighty-one parts!

Remember that if you want to go to the moon, you must take water with you, because there is no water there! There is no living creature living on the moon that we can buy water from!

Do you know how the moon was born? I will tell you now! More than 4 billion years ago, when the solar system was just formed, the Earth had no moon! But he had a twin!

Yes! You heard right! Once upon a time, Earth had a twin sister whose name was Tia! One night when Earth and Tia were moving in orbit, suddenly…
They collided!
After that day, Tia turns into a piece of very small stones! Some of these stones Stuck to the earth and some others Stuck to each other! Those stones that Stuck together became two moons!


You must be asking: So where is that one month? We only see one moon in the sky!
Yes that’s right! I will tell you the answer now!
You must have seen that the moon is full of holes! When the astronauts circled the moon, they realized something strange! They have seen that only one side of the moon is full of holes and the other side is completely smooth! What do you think this means?

Well, astronauts say, this means that that one moon is combined with this moon from behind! It means that they have hugged each other and have become one!

Let me ask a question: Do you know why the earth is not full of holes like the moon?

you do not know? Well, I will tell you the answer now:
Have you ever felt cold in winter and wrapped a blanket around yourself? The earth is wrapped around itself like a blanket! This blanket is made of gas and it is called atmosphere! Just as the blanket does not let us get cold, the atmosphere does not let meteorites enter the earth and takes care of the earth. Of course, sometimes meteorites sneak through the atmosphere, but they usually fall in the oceans!

But the moon has no atmosphere and no ocean! So if a meteor goes towards the moon, it hits the moon hard and a new small hole is made!


Guys, do you know how many days there are in a year? Yes, well done! 365 days! It means that every 365 days that we sleep and wake up, one year ends! But in the month, there are 12 days every year! That is, if we lived on the lunar day, it would be Christmas every 12 days and schools would be closed! If it was like this, it would be very good. Isn’t it?

But, let me also say that the days are very long on the moon! Every 27 days that we sleep on earth and wake up, one day becomes night on the moon! So I think it’s better that we live on earth! Isn’t it?


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