I’m a Baby Bat

I’m a Baby Bat
I’m a Baby Bat Information
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Hello! I’m a baby bat, not a bird, but I can fly! We use our special ears to find our way and eat insects and fruits. We sleep hanging upside down!

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I’m a Baby Bat Story

Hello! I am a baby bat! You must have seen me flying! But you may not believe it, but I am not a bird! It is true that I fly and I like to fly, but I am a mammal and I have no feathers at all!

Among all the mammals in the world, only we bats can fly! It’s cool, isn’t it? Like other mammals, our body is full of hair!

But unlike other mammals, we bats have wings! Big wings that look like thin skin!
In fact, we have long arms and fingers, and our wings are the skin between our arms and our bodies!

little cute bat
little cute bat

There are many interesting things about us that you will be surprised if I tell you! For example, the eyes of us bats are different from you humans! did you know? No, you didn’t know! Instead of our eyes, we use our nose and ears for navigation!

Do you ask how? We produce a loud sound with our nose and mouth and then our sound hits the surrounding things and returns to our ears.

By hearing this echo, we know how big the obstacle is and how far it is from us. This is how we find our way and move forward without any accidents!

little bat flying
little bat flying

We bats find our food in the same way! can you believe it? Tell me, do you know what we eat? Well, it is clear! Insects! We eat insects! Of course, some bats eat fruit. These bats help to pollinate the fruits and make it green everywhere.

bats eat bugs
bats eat bugs

We go almost everywhere. From mountains, plains and forests to villages and cities! At night, when the insects come out, we also come out of our homes and eat an insect meal!

During the day, we go to caves, crevices or any other dark place where you can rest and sleep! We basically sleep during the day and stay awake at night!

I think you think our sleeping is funny too! Because we cling to the roof or tree branches with our feet and sleep upside down! I am sure that you have never seen any animal that sleeps like us!

bats sleep upside down
bats sleep upside down

When winter comes and the weather gets cold, insects disappear! We do not know where they go! Some bats migrate to warm places to find food!

But we take shelter in our cave and fall into hibernation! We hang around the whole winter season, we wrap our wings around us like a blanket and we sleep upside down!

Indeed, we bats love groups and community! That’s why we live as a group in caves and dark places! You must be asking yourself, how do we find each other? Well, it is clear! with sound! We have very sharp ears!

bats live in groups
bats live in groups


Guys! It seems my mom is calling me! I must go! so goodbye for now!


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