The Walnut planet – Episode 6

The Walnut planet – Episode 6

One day, in the vastness of the solar system, a curious walnut ventured close to Earth. Inquisitive about the planet’s colors, it engaged in a charming conversation with Earth, learning about its vibrant hues and eagerly anticipating the arrival of people to discover it.

One day, when the planets were playing and moving from one side to the other side of the solar system, suddenly Walnut came close to the earth. The earth spun too fast to avoid crashing into Walnut. Scared, the walnut thanked Earth. But when he wanted to turn and return to his own orbit, his eyes fell on the earth and the rest of the planets.

He turned the walnut to the ground and said:
Why did you wear green and blue clothes? Why is Mars covered in red? Why is the moon gray? Why is Saturn golden? Why am I like this? Brown…

Earth laughed and said:
The color of each of us depends on our ingredients. For example, Mars is made of iron. That’s why he is red. My green color is also because of the trees and forests that I have on my body. The blue color is also because of my oceans and seas.

Walnut thought a little and said:
But does water have color?

Earth laughed and said:
No! Water has no color!

Walnut asked:
So why do you say seas and oceans are blue? Aren’t they made of water?

Earth said:
I ask you a question, kid! Do you know what color sunlight is?

Walnut laughed a little and said:
Well, it is clear! Sunlight is yellow.

Earth said:
No! You are wrong! Sunlight has different colors. But our eyes only see yellow. One of the colors in sunlight is blue. When the sunlight shines on the seas and oceans, it returns to the sky; But its blue color does not return to the sky. That is why the sea is blue. you got it?

Walnut looked confused and said:
No! I did not get!

Earth said:
no problem! I will teach you little by little! Wait for people to find you! They know how to plant forests and build buildings and do strange things. Maybe this way you can be colorful too!

Walnut, who was very happy, excitedly said:
Hooray! Does that mean people can come and find me sooner?! When are the people coming? How do they come here to find me?

Earth said:
Some people can see you with cameras called telescopes. They love to travel and go to the planets with their rockets. Maybe one day they will travel to you by rocket!

Walnut started spinning happily and yelled:
Aha! I’m here! Do you see me?! Oh people! Mr. Rocket! do you see me me too! Walnut! A small planet that you haven’t discovered yet! hurry up! I am waiting for you!

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