Dinocity – DimDim and Dippo’s saw

Dinocity – DimDim and Dippo’s saw
Dinocity – DimDim and Dippo’s saw Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Comedy

In a world of saving for his dream telescope, DimDim faces a choice: to help a friend in need or wait for his dream. What will he decide?

What? what was that sound? did you hear?
Aha! It was DimDim’s voice! He has just returned from a trip and is throwing his money into a piggy bank. He is very happy!

I am happy too! Because I see that DimDim saved his money during the trip and did not forget this good habit!

My beautiful money! Hurry up and get me to the telescope I like! Don’t you know how beautiful the stars in the sky are and how much fun it is to see the moon up close!

Hello my son!

Wow! Hi Dad Dim Dim! Are you back from work? Dad! Today I opened my piggy bank to see how much money I have! I realized that my money has increased too much! Does that mean that one day my money will be enough to buy a telescope?

yes it can. why not? If you continue to save your money, you can buy your telescope very soon!

Can we go to the star market tomorrow?

Why should we go there, my son?

I want to see the telescopes! I want to see if the telescope I liked is still there!

Ok, son! Tomorrow, when I come back from work, we will go to the star market together!

Hooray! I want to tell my beautiful telescope to wait and not go anywhere until I go and buy it!

Well done my son! I am proud of you for wanting to save your money and buy yourself something you like!

So, to the star market!

DimDim has been saving his money for a long time to buy the telescope he likes. He has fallen in love with the stars and the moon and wants to explore them with the telescope he buys. It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? In short, the next day, Dim Dim and his father went to Star market. But guys, it seems something have happened!

DimDim and his father saw Dippo on the way, who was very sad and sitting by the park.

Daddy DimDim! That’s dippo!

Why is he sitting there? Why is he sad?! Let’s go see what happened!

Hi Dippo! Why are you upset? DimDim asked.

My saw broke!

Oops! That big and beautiful saw?

I was happily singing and doing woodwork! But I think that I pushed a little too hard and suddenly my saw broke! How do I do carpentry now?

Daddy DimDim said:
There is no problem, Dippo! no problem! You will buy a new saw!

I can not! After all, it is very expensive! Very! It was no ordinary saw!

Have you asked the price already?

Yes! The price is 100 dinors! But if I collect all my money, it will be 50 dinors!

Daddy DimDim said:
It’s OK! We will find the money! Don’t be sad!

Daddy DimDim thought a little and said:
I always keep a part of my money so that if one of my friends needs money, I can lend it to him! Now I can lend you 40 dinars so you can buy your saw.

Really daddy DimDim?

Yes my son!

Dippo, who was very happy, said:

Are you serious now? thanks a lot! thanks a lot!

Yes, my dear friend! You can pay me back whenever you have money!

Dim Dim thought a little and said:
Daddy Dim Dim! Can I take a little from my savings like you and help Dippo?

Daddy DimDim said:
Why not my son?

So I will lend 100 dinors of my money to Dippo to buy his saw. But will you return my money Dippo?

Dippo laughed and said:
Sure! I am really very happy! I’m speechless! What a kind family you are!

Daddy DimDim was very happy with this decision of his son. That’s why when they said goodbye to Dippo and walked towards Star Market, Daddy DimDim asked DimDim:

my dear son! I’m so glad you decided to help Dippo buy his saw. But do you know that by doing this, 10 dinors will be reduced from your savings and you may reach your telescope a little later?

Yes, Dad! I know! no problem! I will wait a little and collect more money! Do you know, dad? That day I had gone to Astronomy camp and I needed money to buy a necklace, Dippo had helped me! That’s why I have to repay his good work today! Now he will be happy and can continue his work, I can buy my telescope too!

Well done my son! It is clear that you have grown up!

DimDim made a very nice decision! He made Dippo happy with this work! Daddy DimDim was also very excited by this work of his son! Guys, it’s great that we save a little money to help those we love!
Have you ever made someone happy?


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