The Walnut planet – Episode 9

The Walnut planet – Episode 9
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The Walnut planet – Episode 9 Information
GenreFantasy, Scientific

In the solar system, an unexpected scream startles the planets. With Walnut’s tremors and Neptune’s disappearance, the planets face surprising challenges, leading to laughter and unity.

The Walnut planet – Episode 9 Story

In the solar system, all the planets were quietly rotating in their orbits when suddenly a loud scream was heard. The sun shouted worriedly:

Who screamed?

Then he called all the planets one by one to make sure that everyone is fine:

Where are you Mercury?

yes yes yes! I’m fine!

where is Venus?

Venus turned around and said:

I’m here and I’m fine!

Earth! how are you?

Earth coughed and said:

I am fine! Just a little bit of the air around me is polluted!

Sun raised his head a little so that he could see further:

Mars! Customer! Saturn! Uranus! Neptune!

Then he said with concern:

Neptune! Where is Neptune guys! Why can’t I see him?!

Saturn answered calmly:

He must have escaped from the system again! It’s not the first time! He sits in the dark so that he can do evil easily and no one knows where he is!

Mars said:

I told you a hundred times to bring him to the front so that we can take care of him! He is small! What to do if it is crushed in a crowd? Or what if it fell into a black hole?

All the planets were scared. The sun was trying to calm everyone down when suddenly Neptune’s voice was heard:

Hello! I’m here and I’m fine! I was doing my work in this corner!

Sun breathed a sigh of relief and said:

Where have you been until now?

I am far! Your light and warmth do not reach me. Sometimes I get cold! That’s why I rotate around the system to warm up!

It was then that someone screamed again! There was a commotion between the planets and no one knew where this scream was coming from! Mercury said loudly:

Walnut! where is the Walnut?

Yes! It’s like the planets had forgotten the walnut and they didn’t remember that they have a new planet in their system! Everyone was worried about walnuts! The planets went and circled around the walnut’s orbit until they finally found the walnut!

Walnut was sitting in a corner of its circuit and was shaking! Earth asked:

Walnut! what happened? Are you good?

Walnut said as he was shaking:

I don’t know why I feel that something is shaking inside me!

He turned around and looked carefully! Small things move on the walnut surface! The earth, who was familiar with these things, said with a laugh:

That is nothing! This is an earthquake! Don’t be afraid at all!

Walnut said in surprise:

Earthquake? What is another earthquake?

Yes earthquake! You were a very energetic planet and you were always shaking! But since people came to live on you, you calmed down a lot! That’s why a lot of energy has accumulated in your body! When a lot of energy accumulates in our planetary bodies, we begin to tremble! People call it an earthquake! But we call it an energy drain!

Walnut, who was still shaking a little, said:

I think I have a lot of energy left in my body that I am shaking so much today!

Yes! But when this happens, keep calm! The sound of your screams was complicated in the entire solar system! We were all scared!

Walnut said:

And all the planets went to do their works! After a few minutes, the sound of walnuts screamed again in the solar system! Sun screamed:


Walnut said with a laugh.

Sorry! It was a small energy drain!

And all the planets laughed together!

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