The Walnut planet – Episode 7

The Walnut planet – Episode 7
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The Walnut planet – Episode 7 Information
GenreFantasy, Scientific

Join Walnut the playful planet in a cosmic adventure as astronauts unexpectedly set their sights on exploring his surface, causing celestial excitement in the solar system.

Walnut was playing with asteroids as usual. But the earth was afraid that the walnut will approach him quickly and he won’t be able to control himself. The Earth shouted:
Calm down kid! calm down! Don’t clutter the system so much! Go and sit in your circle!

Walnut said as he was spinning and playing:
No! I’m having so much fun! Earth! Come on! Let’s play together! People are sleeping now and their heads are not confused. Come on! hurry up!

The Earth said angrily:
No! Even if people are sleeping, I have to take care of them! Not all people are sleeping! Half of them are sleeping because night does not fall everywhere at the same time! Go back to your place quickly!

The Earth was busy giving advice and grumbling, when suddenly he felt bad! As if he was tickled in his heart! He closed his eyes and said aloud:
I think these people are doing something again!

Then, as the earth was screaming, Walnut and the rest of the planets saw that some strange objects separated from the earth’s body and moved towards space with a lot of smoke!

The planets were scared at first and as they rushed to their orbits, they shouted:
Escape! Help! Help!

But Walnut, who was looking in surprise, asked himself:
Shouldn’t these be the same astronauts that the earth was talking about?!

So he started jumping up and down and said:
hurry up! Be quick and discover me! hurry up!

The Earth said angrily:
Ah! Walnut! Go to your orbit! I’m not feeling well at all! Don’t make so much noise!

But the walnut didn’t listen to Earth! He wanted people to land on his body as soon as possible and discover him!

The sun, who was worried about the solar system, sent its gravity more towards the walnut and placed him in its orbit! Walnut was upset by what the sun had done and said:
I like to be discovered! Why did you put me in my place?!

Mercury said:
Do you know what people will do if they discover you and land on your surface?!

Walnut said:
Well, it is clear! They make colorful clothes for me with forest and sea.

Mercury said:
Nope! People come and bother you! Don’t you see the earth is full of smoke and pollution?!

Walnut looked at the ground with surprise and saw that the ground is full of smoke and pollution, and maybe that’s why the ground is so angry these days!

Nevertheless, he was still thinking about his colored clothes! He wanted the astronauts to plant trees on his body and make a forest! Or pour enough water on its surface to make the sea!

He really wanted the astronauts to discover it sooner! That’s why he closed his eyes and wished from the bottom of his heart that it would be discovered as soon as possible! At this moment, a spacecraft passed by the walnut! The destination of the spaceship was somewhere else, but as if it suddenly changed its mind! He turned around and moved towards the walnut! Yes! It was as if the astronauts had finally noticed the walnut and wanted to land on its surface.

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