Mountain of the Beautiful City

Mountain of the Beautiful City
Mountain of the Beautiful City Information

Join the people of the Beautiful City in their quest to bring back the joy of winter, as they work together to clear the sky and play in the snow once more.

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Mountain of the Beautiful City Story

The people of the Beautiful city were very happy because they had a dear guest named Winter. They welcomed winter in the main square with woolen hats and colored gloves!

The snow fell slowly and turned the ground white. Children and adults, who were happy about this, were busy making snowmen.

Beautiful city's main square during winter
Beautiful city’s main square during winter

The Beautiful city also had a kind mountain. The mountain, which watched over the city from above, was quite happy about the coming of winter. Sometimes he would blow in the air so that the snow would sit on the children’s faces! When the children laughed, the mountain was happy and laughed.

Until one day, smoke came to the Beautiful city and the whole city was covered in blackness. But no one knew where these smokes came from! Beautiful mountains and children were very sad about this situation!

Beautiful city with a kind mountain watching over
Beautiful city with a kind mountain watching over

The mountain could not see the children and play with them, and the children could not leave the house and play with winter. The whole city was just coughing! The mountain was trying to blow away the smoke! But his breath was not strong at all and only made the smoke laugh!

The mountain of the Beautiful city looked around and looked for a solution! Suddenly, in a far away city, he saw clouds talking and laughing! A thought came to the mind of the mountain! He called the birds of the Beautiful city. The birds came to the mountain upset and coughing!

The mountain asked them to go to the far away city and bring the clouds there with them to the Beautiful city! The birds immediately flew to the far city.

birds bring clouds
birds bring clouds

While the mountain was waiting for the birds, the children decided to find out where the smoke was coming from! That’s why they wore masks and ran in the street looking for smoke.

They finally understood that the smoke comes from factories and cars! The residents of the city also tried to turn on their cars less and go around on foot, by bicycle or by bus.

Although some of the smoke had gone, the sky of the Beautiful city was still black and the children had to stay at home!

children wearing masks running in the streets
children wearing masks running in the streets

Days passed! The weekend was approaching and everyone wanted to go near the mountain and make a snowman like every year. Until one day before the weekend, when all the residents were disappointed with the return of the birds, they suddenly saw a black and white mass approaching the beautiful city! Yes!

The birds were bringing the clouds towards the beautiful city.

The people of the city happily ran toward the mountain! The clouds held each other’s hands with a smile and said:

And it started to rain!

raining at beautiful city
raining at beautiful city

The smoke disappeared with the rain! The clouds rained for a few hours until the beautiful city was completely cleared of smoke and snow began to fall again!

The people of the Beautiful city thanked the mountains, birds and clouds and played happily with the winter.

beautiful city is cleared of smoke
beautiful city is cleared of smoke

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