The Walnut planet – Episode 8

The Walnut planet – Episode 8
The Walnut planet – Episode 8 Information
GenreFantasy, Scientific

Join the planets in space as they discover new residents on the Walnut planet. Walnut learns to embrace its newfound role as a home for humans.

It was night and the planets were sleeping very quietly! But walnut was laughing loudly! Venus woke up, yawned and said:
Walnut! why are you making noise? Can’t sleep again?

Walnut, who couldn’t stop laughing, said through his laughter:
Ha ha ha! something! Ha ha! Yes, it tickles me! Ha ha! I can’t stop laughing!

It was at this time that Walnut’s laughter stopped and his eyebrows were crossed and he frowned! It’s like walnut was not feeling well at all! Walnut started to cry and his tears scattered in space!

It was very strange! No one had seen the walnut planet cry until that moment!
Mercury, who had just woken up, asked worriedly:
What happened Walnut?! Why are you crying?

Walnut said with tears:
I do not know! My body hurts a lot!

Moon, who had heard Walnut, turned and came close to the walnut to see why his body was hurting! At first, Moon did not understand where the problem was, but when he looked more carefully, he realized that people are doing things on the walnut surface! The people who had landed on the walnut body with a spacecraft were really starting their new life on its surface!

Earth opened his eyes and said calmly:
I told you that if people’s feet reach your surface, you will not have peace anymore! They must be digging! Or building roads or other such works!

Mercury said:
Didn’t I tell you to stay calm? Astronauts have identified you as a habitable planet and have come to live on your body! They still don’t know how to live on your surface! They have always lived on earth!

Walnut, whose pain was less, turned around, wiped his tears and said:
Yes! In my opinion, they don’t know me properly! I love people! I want to have my residents!

Earth smiled and said:
Good job! Now that you have become so wise, let me tell you something! You should take care of the people who live on your body like a mother! You have to hug them tightly and don’t let them get upset! You should not go out of your orbit! Don’t let other planets or meteors crash into you! Even if they sometimes misbehave, you still have to watch out for them! This is the duty of the planets that people live on!

Walnut laughed and said:
Yes, yes! I love humans!

Then he started spinning happily around itself so that light reaches all his surfaces so people can have day and night!

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