Dinocity – DimDim becomes an astronomer

Dinocity – DimDim becomes an astronomer
Dinocity – DimDim becomes an astronomer Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Comedy

Millions of years ago in the vibrant city of Dinocity, young DimDim discovers his passion for stars and dreams of owning a special telescope.

Millions of years ago, when there was no human on earth, very strange creatures lived on it!

They were tall, but they were no apartment or tower!

They were colorful, but the didn’t look like rainbow or gardens at all!

They were very strong and mighty, but they weren’t like trucks!

What do you think those beautiful creatures were called?

Yes of course! you are right! they were dinosaurs!

That days, dinosaurs lived in a flourishing city near on sleepy volcano! Their city called ” Dinocity “.

One of the beautiful days in Dinocity that streets were crowded and the Bazaar was full of dinosaurs, DimDim and his mother decided to go to the bazaar too!

DimDim’s mom usually went to bazaar every monday to buy groceries and fill the snack cabinet for rest of the week! But DimDim knew that he can just eat one candy and three gummy bears each day!

DimDim was walking around the Bazaar with his mom when he saw something exciting.

Wow! OH BOY! Mommy come! You have to see this!

What is it dear? His mom asked.

watch this mom! I love it!

Wow! it is beautiful! what is it honey?

It’s a telescope mom! You can see stars with it! can we go and ask the price? Please mom! I want this really bad!

His mom thought for a moment and said:

DimDim! honey! I think this is gonna be really expensive! you don’t have enough money for this!

Pleas mom! I just wanna know the price! let’s go mom! Please! said DimDim!

DimDim and his mom went a bit closer! everywhere was full of strange things that DimDim had never saw before; But he just wanted that Telescope!


Hi little boy!

Excuse me! How much is that telescope, sir?

This is from TireX land! A very famous astronomer gave it to me! He said it’s about 500 Dinors!

Wow! It’s really expensive! DimDim’s mom was surprised!

Mom! Daddu told me that I can save my allowance and buy Things I really want! I love stars! I wanna be an astronomer! This telescope is the only thing that I want! I wanna save my money for it! Said DimDim.

when his mom saw his excitement, she said:

OK! So start saving your money from this week!

HOORAY! But I hope they don’t sell it to someone else while I’m saving my money! DimDim was worried!

Well, they will bring another telescope for sale! won’t you sir? His mom smiled.

Of course! Whenever you money was ready, come here with your parents! I can order every telescope you want to my astronomer friends! Don’t worry at all!

Thanks a lot, sir! I will came back with my money!

DimDim was happy! He decided to go home and writ on his money pot:

For the best Telescope in the world.


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