The sleepy Troll – Imagination practice 1

The sleepy Troll – Imagination practice 1
The sleepy Troll – Imagination practice 1 Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Hello, it’s Dreamy! Imagine a sunny day, a blue sky, and a huge sleeping Troll in your path. What happens next in your dreamy adventure?

Hi! My name is Dreamy! I love imagine things. I love thinking about strange things. For example I love imagine that I am walking in the street and suddenly I see a really big Troll sleeping on the ground!

What? You think it’s wired? Let it be. What is the problem with wired?

What? You think Trolls do not exist? So what?

When you are dreaming and thinking, reality doesn’t matter anymore! Lots of famous stories were born because of these dreams! Many of famous writers wrote their best stories because they could dream without any limits!

Do you wanna be a writer? So practice with me.

We have to go back to our work. We should start practicing.

You can lay down and close your eyes, or you can sit on the sofa. You can even go outside and walk.

Let’s imagine together. Imagine a really nice day which sun is shining and sky has a gorgeous blue color. You are walking out of the house. You wanna go in the street when you see a huge Troll sleeping just there!

This is the beginning of our story. What would you do next? Would you get close to him? Would you run away? Would you wake him up and talk to him?

Think about it a bit… You better continue your story in your own dreamy way!


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I'm a narrator obsessed with writing and telling children's stories. I believe that in the stories world, everything is much easier to understand, especially for kids.

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