Logan’s new game

Logan’s new game
Logan’s new game Information
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Little Logan felt left out as his brother Louis and friends played in the snow. However, he discovered the joy of building a snowman with newfound friends and was excited to create more after lunch.

Little Logan was bored. He was sitting by the window, watching his older brother, Louis, playing in the snow with his friends. It had been snowing for two or three days, and that day the lady had announced on TV that schools were closed! Logan wasn’t going to school yet, so it didn’t matter to him if the schools were closed or not. But Louis was very happy! He called his friends and told them to go to the small park near the house and throw snowballs!

Logan was happy at first and thought that he could go to the park with Louis and his friends! But when Louis got dressed to go to the park, he didn’t take Logan with him!

You are small and you don’t let us play! Said Louis!

Logan was smaller than all the children in the neighborhood! That’s why they never played with him. After a while, Logan asked his mother to put him in warm clothes so he could go to the park. But Louis and his friends did not play with him! A few snowballs hit his body hard and hurt him! So, he returned home and sat behind the window and stared at Louis and his friends playing!

Logan was really bored! He went and turned on the TV, but he didn’t like the program! Then he went to his toys, but he didn’t like to play with any of them!

Logan’s mother, seeing that he was very bored, asked him:
Why don’t you go and make a snowman by yourself?

I don’t know how to do this!

I will teach you! You have to collect enough snow to make a big ball. Then make a smaller ball and put it on top of the bigger ball! This is the body and head of your snowman! Finally, you have to give him eyes and mouth!

It was a good idea! Logan got ready to go out! Next to a tree, a little further from the rest of the children, he used to collect the snow with his small hands and pour it on top of each other and beat it to make a big ball! But it was very difficult! It took a long time to make even a small bullet! Logan was thinking how he could make his snowman sooner when he suddenly saw one of Louis’s friends coming towards him. He told Logan:
I’m tired of fighting with snowballs! what are you doing

Logan said:
I’m making a snowman! My mother taught me!

Do you want me to help you too?!

Yes! Sure!

Two of them started to collect snow! The work of carving the snowman’s body was not yet finished when Louie and his other friends arrived, made another snowball, and put it in place of the snowman’s head. They also put a hat on his head! But the snowman still needed a lot!

Louie’s friend went to their house and brought some pieces of coal and put eyes on a snowman!
Another child went to their house and took a carrot from his mother and put it instead of a snowman’s nose!

One of the children put a red thread instead of a mouth for a snowman! Now the snowman had everything! Only his hands were left! Logan and Louis took two dry tree branches from the ground and put them in place of a snowman’s hand!

It was almost noon when the snowman was finished! All the children returned home to eat lunch! Everyone had so much fun that they promised each other to go back to the park after lunch and make another snowman.

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