Shannon and shadows!

Shannon and shadows!
Shannon and shadows! Information

Shannon scared of shadows! And when the electricity goes out in at her friend’s birthday party, things get a little messy!

Shannon is a very cute girl with short brown hair! She lives in a very little house with her parents!

Her room is too small that she has to share her bed with all of her toys! Cause she has no other place to put them!

Because of that, she loves going to kindergarten! Kindergarten has enough space for every kind of game! Shannon has many friends there! And Sarah is her best friend!

Shannon is a very energetic, happy girl! But she has a big secret:

She is afraid of shadows!

For example, The shadow behind her window scares her so much that she run away from it every morning and hides in the kitchen!

She thinks that it’s a shadow of a giant monster!

yesterday at kindergarten, Sarah invited Shannon to her birthday party! Shannon’s parents allowed her to go! Shannon wore her light blue dress which has a big white ribbon behind it! She loves this dress! It is a gift from her grandma! Her mother combed and tied her hair in a ponytail!

When Shannon arrived at Sarah’s house, all her friends were dancing and singing!

Hello! Shannon said to Sarah’s mom and ran to her friends.

They had a very good time! They played and ate Sarah’s birthday cake! But suddenly, something bad happened! Electricity went out! All of the kids started screaming!

Don’t be afraid! I’m gonna light some candles right away! Sarah’s mom said softly.

Everywhere was dark! But when Sarah’s mom lite the candles, the everything became vivid again!

But… There was a problem!

Too many big, creepy shadows appeared on the walls!

When Shannon saw the shadows, she put her hands on her face and started screaming!

Sarah’s mom hugged Shannon and said:

What’s wrong sweetie? What scares you so much?

There are monsters all over the place!

Monsters!? Sarah’s mom was surprised! Where honey?

Look! There are on the walls!

OH Shannon! They are not monsters! Those are shadows!

Sarah’s mom started thinking and said:

Who wants to play the “shadow game” with me?

Then she taught the kids to make rabbits and foxes with their hand’s shadows!

Shannon wiped her tears and made a cute rabbit with her hands!

All the kids played with shadows for few minutes until the electricity came on again!

From that day on, Shannon is never afraid of shadows anymore! Actually, she loves to play with them!


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