The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling
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The Ugly Duckling Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Fairy tale

Everyone humiliates the ugly duck who is different from other ducklings. But is being different always a bad thing?

audio story of the ugly duckling

Once upon a time, in a peaceful farm nestled by a serene pond, a mother duck eagerly awaited the hatching of her eggs. She sat patiently on her nest, keeping her eggs warm and safe. One by one, the eggs cracked open, and adorable little ducklings emerged, fluffy and yellow.

But as the last egg finally cracked open, the mother duck was taken aback. Instead of a cute and fluffy duckling, an odd-looking creature greeted her eyes. The newcomer was larger than the others, with rough and gray feathers and an awkward appearance. The mother duck couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness, wondering how such an ugly duckling could be her own.

As days passed, the other ducklings teased and taunted the ugly duckling for being different. They mocked its appearance, called it names, and excluded it from their games. The poor duckling felt heartbroken and lonely, yearning for acceptance and love.

Unable to bear the pain any longer, the ugly duckling decided to leave the farm in search of a place where it would be accepted for who it truly was. It embarked on a journey, braving the unknown and facing various challenges along the way.

During its travels, the ugly duckling encountered different animals. Each time, it hoped to find companionship and acceptance but was met with rejection. The small creature faced hardships in the harsh winter, barely finding shelter and food to survive.

Finally, as spring arrived, the ugly duckling discovered a beautiful lake. It marveled at its reflection in the water, realizing that it had transformed into a magnificent swan. The once-ugly duckling had grown into a graceful and elegant bird, radiating beauty from within.

Other swans spotted the newcomer and swam closer. They greeted the young swan warmly, inviting it to join them. The ugly duckling was astonished to find that it had found its true family—a family of swans, just like itself.

The swans embraced the young swan, showering it with love and acceptance. They admired its beauty and grace, celebrating its unique journey. The ugly duckling, now a stunning swan, realized that its journey of hardship had shaped it into something extraordinary.

From that day forward, the swan lived happily among its new family. It flourished in its true form, surrounded by love.


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