The Important Plan of the Warrior Boy

The Important Plan of the Warrior Boy
The Important Plan of the Warrior Boy Information

The warrior boy, tired of fighting, hatched a plan for a joyful celebration in the midst of battle. With fireworks and treats, he turned the battlefield into a birthday party, bringing laughter to his fellow fighters.

audio story of the important plan of the warrior boy

The Important Plan of the Warrior Boy Story

The tired and wounded warrior boy returned from the battlefield! He had won all the battles, and it felt good that his boss, Milan, was pleased with him. But it was a long time since that warrior boy had been happy! He was upset that he had to fight with his friends.

He hated fighting and beating and was tired of fighting. The warrior boy wanted everything to be like before. That’s why he thought to draw a plan. The warrior boy thought until morning. He lived in a computer game.

warrior boy thinking of a plan
warrior boy thinking of a plan

The warrior boy waited until the lights on the battlefield turned on, and the image of boss Milan fell on the iPad screen. He wanted to press the start button; the warrior boy turned on his walkie-talkie and said:
Hello Milan! Hello! Milan?!

Milan looked around in surprise but did not see anyone! The warrior boy waved his hand and said in a louder voice:
Mr. boss! I’m here! Look! Here on the battlefield!

Milan looked at his iPad screen with surprise and said:
Wow! Warrior boy! Is this you? Can you talk?

warrior boy talks to boss Milan
warrior boy talks to boss Milan

The warrior boy answered:
Obviously, I can! Mr. boss, please do not press the button. Do not start the war! Please!

And then he secretly hit the crying button and started to shed tears to satisfy Milan!

Milan said:
Why? Other fighters are gonna come, and they may bother you!

The warrior boy showed the table full of food, cakes, chocolates, and balloons to Milan and said:
Do not worry! I want to have a birthday party like before!

warrior boy shows a table full of food to Milan
warrior boy shows a table full of food to Milan

Milan laughed and said:
So what should I do now?

The warrior boy said:
You have to set off a firework so that all the fighters come here!

warrior boy says what is bothering him
warrior boy says what is bothering him

Milan hit the fireworks button and made the sky shine with colorful lights. Little by little, all the fighters arrived at the battlefield with surprise. The girl in the red cloak said:
Hey! what’s up here? Is it a field of struggle or a field of the party?

The fighting giant roared:
Warrior boy! Do you want to fight with cake and chocolate?

And then everyone laughed!

The warrior boy said:
Today is the day of celebration! Please enter the field and have fun!

warrior boy and friends celebrating
warrior boy and friends celebrating

All the fighters put aside their swords and shields and entered the field! They ate some cake and played!

At the end of the game, Milan said:
Today’s party was great! Wasn’t it friends? We all had a great time! I want to see who will make the best plan for tomorrow’s party!


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