The land of lost socks!

The land of lost socks!
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The land of lost socks! Information
TypeEducational, Bedtime
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Comedy

Milo can’t find his clean socks! So his mom tells him about a place where lost socks go!

audio story of the land of lost socks!

It was a nice Sunday evening. Milo’s mom said:

Get dressed honey! we’re gonna go to the park!

Milo smiled! He was really happy! He ran to his room and put on his favorite clothes very fast. Then he went to the drawer to find his clean green socks. But no matter how much he looked for, he couldn’t find them at all!

MOOOOM! My clean green socks are not in the drawer! He shouted.

Impossible! You definitely didn’t search enough! And then she started searching in Milo’s drawer, But she couldn’t find them either!

Milo’s mom looked around his room! There were socks all over the place! A red sock on the bookshelf! A blue sock under the bed! There was even a gray sock under the toy basket! And they were all dirty and smelly! Milo’s mom who was shocked, came up with an idea!

Well! It seems we have to go to the ” land of lost socks ” instead of park! She smiled.

The land of lost socks? How should we travel there? Milo was extremely surprised!

Stay right here and don’t move! I will explain! Then she went out and returned with a flashlight! She turned off the room’s light and whispered:

Honey! Lost socks will only appear in darkness! But we have to be extra careful! They are a little bit shy! We should find them and ask them Why did they get lost?!

Milo stood near his mom! He was very excited about visiting the land of lost socks. Milo’s mom turned the flashlight toward the bookshelf.

There it is! we found a red one! She said quietly.

Milo went and took the blue sock.

Little beautiful red sock! Why did you get lost? Then She put her ear on the sock and waited for a while.

He says: last week when Milo came back from grandma’s house, he threw me and I fell on the bookshelf!

Milo hugged the blue sock and said:

He is right! That was my fault! I’m so sorry that you trapped in the land of lost socks little one!

Milo’s mom point at the red sock under the bed.

Look Milo! I found another one! This time you talk too him!

Why did you get lost little blue sock? He asked and put his ear on the sock!

He says: the other night Milo put me on his bed but he fell sleep and I feel under the bed; because he was constantly moving!

Milo hugged the blue sock and said:

I will never let you trap in the land of lost socks again! I promise!

That night, Milo and his mom searched the entire room and found all the socks which were trapped in the land of lost socks! When they finally matched all the socks with their own pairs, Milo’s mom went and brought the clean green socks and handed them to Milo!

Were These on the land of lost socks too? He asked.

No! There were inside the clean clothes’ basket! I washed them this morning! His mother laughed. So what did you learn today?

That if don’t put my dirty socks in the the dirty clothes’ basket or if I Throw them on the floor, they will get upset and run away to the land of lost socks! Milo said this and went to put his dirty socks to the washing machine!

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About Neaira Williams

Neaira Williams, a young professional and Toledo, Ohio native, has a passion for mentoring youth of all ages. She believes in instituting and promoting Christian values, and often shares her knowledge on the importance of having a positive mindset to young knowledge seekers all over the world!


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