Lara the Yellow Ladybird

Lara the Yellow Ladybird
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Lara the Yellow Ladybird Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Lara, the unique yellow-winged ladybird ( ladybug ), learned a valuable lesson about embracing her differences and the beauty they brought to the forest.

audio story of lara the yellow ladybird

Lara the Yellow Ladybird ( Ladybug ) Story

Once upon a time. A long time ago, a little ladybird lived with her mother and father in a pleasant forest on a tall tree. The name of this little ladybird was Lara, and all the forest people loved her very much.

But guys! The ladybird in our story had a big difference from the rest of the ladybugs in the world! Do you know what was different?

Lara’s wings were yellow instead of red! All the people knew Lara! Well, it is clear why! Because there was only one ladybird with yellow wings in the whole world!

ladybird sitting on flower in Lara the yellow ladybird story
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ladybird sitting on flower

Lara woke up every morning, took her backpack, said goodbye to her mother and father, and went to school. On the way, She always met the people of the forest!

She greeted Mr. Locust and greeted Mrs. Mosquito! Sometimes he used to fly with a beautiful butterfly!

ladybird and butterfly in Lara the yellow ladybird story
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ladybird and butterfly

Everyone was excited and happy to see the yellow ladybird! Even Mr. Locust who was always frowned, and nothing could make him happy.

ladybird and locust in Lara the yellow ladybird story
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ladybird and locust

Lara had a lot of fun at school! He was playing with the rest of the little ladybugs, saying Jack and laughing! Their school was located on the most giant tree in the forest.

All the teachers and other students loved Lara very much because she was kind and had gorgeous wings.

But after a while, Lara started to get upset! He asks himself:

Why am I different from other ladybugs? Why are their wings red and mine yellow? Why am I not like other children?

Lara was sad every day! She didn’t like to be different from everyone else! She wanted her wings to be red like the rest of the ladybugs.

One day when Lara was very upset, she came home from school crying and said to her mother:

Mom! I wish my wings were red like the others! I wish my wings were not yellow! And then she cried a lot!

ladybird crying in Lara the yellow ladybird story
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ladybird crying

Lara’s mother, who was upset, told her:

My beautiful girl! You are so beautiful! All the forest animals love you very much! Because you are kind and funny!

Lara said as she cried:

But I like to be like everyone else!

Suddenly a thought came to Lara’s mother’s mind! She went to the jungle store and bought a red bucket from Mr. Old Turtle. Then she returned home and painted Lara’s yellow wings with a red brush!

ladybird and paint bucket in Lara the yellow ladybird story
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ladybird and paint bucket

Lara kept jumping up and down with happiness and said:

Hooray! Hooray! I finally became like the rest of the ladybugs! Hooray!

Lara danced all night in front of the mirror and celebrated having red wings! When the weather cleared, Lara was very excited! Because she was going to go to school with her new wings.

ladybird and mirror in Lara the yellow ladybird story
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ladybird and mirror

He quickly picked up her backpack and started walking! He went to Mr. Locust and said:

Hello Mr. Locust! Look, I became like the rest of the ladybugs!

Locust said:

Who are you? I do not know you at all!

And then he flew and left! Lara was very upset! But he continued his way to school!

A little later, Lara saw a beautiful butterfly! But the butterfly didn’t recognize Lara at all and flew away without saying hello!

That day, neither the mosquito recognized Lara, Mr. Spider, nor any animals in the forest!

Lara felt lonely! When she arrived, she greeted loudly! The rest of the ladybugs answered her quietly and then started playing their own game! None of them knew Lara!

After a while, the teacher entered the class! The teacher started reading the names of the students! When she called Lara’s name, Lara stopped and said:


The teacher and the children looked at her with surprise! The teacher said:

Lara?! Did you paint your beautiful yellow wings?

Lara was very embarrassed! The teacher continued:

But your yellow wings were very beautiful! Like Sophie’s big moles or James’ long legs! This way, you are no longer Lara! No one knows you!

Lara’s friends also said:

We didn’t recognize you today, either!

Lara was so sorry that she painted her wings because she didn’t like being alone! Now she realized that her yellow wings were very beautiful!

She looked at Sophie’s big moles and James’s long legs and realized that all the cockroaches have one difference from the others!

That day after school, Lara rushed home, took a long shower, and washed her wings! She washed her wings so much that the red color disappeared, and the wings turned yellow again!

ladybird and friends in Lara the yellow ladybird story
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ladybird and friends

The next day, flies, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, spiders, her friends, and her teacher were happy to see Lara!

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