The Best Wish in the World!

The Best Wish in the World!
The Best Wish in the World! Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Maria embarks on a magical adventure, discovering that the most magical and precious thing in the world is the company of a true friend.

audio story of the best wish in the world!

The Best Wish in the World! Story

One day, Maria found a magic wand! A real magic wand! She thought to herself:

I should find the best wish in the world and use my magic wand to make it true!

She closed her eyes and started thinking to find the very best wish! After a while, he opened her eyes, moved the wand and said:

A cake! I want a big birthday cake!

Without any delay, a big birthday cake appeared in front of her eyes!

Well! I have to eat it as soon as possible! Otherwise it will melt and ruin soon! It seems it wasn’t the best wish at all!

Maria wishes for a cake
Maria wishes for a cake

Maria Thought really hard, but she couldn’t find anything else! So she decided to ask her mom:

Mom! What is the best thing in the whole world?

For me? your sweet smile honey! Her mother said kindly!

Maria thought:

Yep! Smile is the best! But what will make me smile forever?

She closed her eyes and imagined the biggest smile in the world! How could she make this smile, true? Then she moved the magic wand and said:

A doll! The prettiest doll in the world!

Suddenly, a really beautiful doll appeared from nowhere!

Maria smiled and started to play with her doll! But after a few minutes, she got bored! She wanted to go to the biggest amusement park in the world and ride the biggest Ferris wheel! This way, she won’t get bored never again! So she moved the magic wand and said:

I wanna go and ride the biggest Ferris wheel in the world!

She opened her eyes in the biggest amusement in the world! But it was all empty! She played with all the instruments, and she rode the biggest Ferris wheel at last! She looked down from it and said:

How empty is this amusement park! I don’t like it this way! It is fun just when my friends are with me! why I’m not happy in the biggest amusement park in the world?

Maria with doll and the ferris wheel
Maria with doll and the ferris wheel

Maria got off from the Ferris wheel, moved the wand and said:

I want a big ice cream!

And an ice cream appeared in her hands! She started to eat the ice cream; but she was still upset! Even the ice cream wasn’t that fun! Suddenly, an idea jumped in to her mind. She moved the wand and said:

I want a unicorn! Yes! This is the best wish!

But after playing with the unicorn for half an hour, she got bored again! She Thought:

Why can’t anything make me smile forever?! I thought I made the best wishes in the world!!

She looked around the empty amusement park! Everywhere was quiet! She said:

I wish I had a friend to play with her and show her my unicorn and doll!

Then she moved her magic wand and said with excitement:

Friend! I want my best friend!

After a second, Her best friend, Matilda, appeared in front of her!

Maria yelled:

Wow! Matilda! You can not believe how happy I am to see you! I have a unicorn, a doll, an amusement park and a lots of cake! Wanna play?

Matilda said:

Yes! Of course! I missed you!

Then the played and smiled all day! When they were together, nothing could stop their smile!

Maria and her friends
Maria and her friends


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