Panda’s Magic Pencil

Panda’s Magic Pencil
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GenreFantasy, Comedy

Discover the magical adventures of Little Panda as he stumbles upon a special colored pencil that brings his drawings to life, leading to both joy and lessons in moderation.

audio story of panda’s magic pencil

Panda’s Magic Pencil Story

One sunny day, little panda was tidying his room and putting his books inside the shelf. He would put some books that he had not yet read in front of him so that he could read them sooner.

When he was tidying up under his bed, he suddenly hit a big colored pencil. He took it out from under the bed and looked at it. He did not remember that he had such a large pencil before! He thought to himself:
Maybe I lost this pencil a long time ago and that’s why I don’t remember it!

panda finds a magic pencil in panda's magic pencil story for kids
panda finds a magic pencil

That’s why he put the pencil on the table and went to arrange the rest of his room! After eating lunch, little panda decided to draw! He wanted to use his big pencil!

He had a craving for a big delicious cake, so he painted a beautiful cake and when he was done, he blew on the drawing to remove the crayon powder from it. But suddenly a cake appeared on the table!

The little panda was a little scared at first, but when he looked closer, he realized that this was the same cake he had painted.

panda drawing a cake in panda's magic pencil story for kids
panda drawing a cake

He slowly moved his hand forward and ate a piece of it. It was very delicious! At that moment, a great thought came to the little panda’s mind! He could draw any food he wanted so that he could and eat it!

From that day on, the little panda painted and ate everything he wanted, such as chocolate, chips, ice cream and puffs, and even very fatty foods such as pizza and lasagna!

panda eating everything in panda's magic pencil story for kids
panda eating everything

It went on like this for a while and the little panda had gained a lot of weight. He was walking very hard and could not fit in the chair in his room anymore!

His belly had grown so much and had come forward that he could no longer see his legs! Until one day after eating a piece of pizza that he had painted, he had a severe stomachache! He got dizzy and fell to the ground!

panda goes to the doctor in panda's magic pencil story for kids
panda goes to the doctor

When he opened his eyes, Dr. Goat was standing above him! He said to the little panda:
You ate too much! From now on, you should be careful about what you eat and you should exercise!

When Doctor Goat left, Little Panda took a look at his own image in the mirror! and He was very surprised! He was very fat! Big belly and big hands and feet! He got so upset!

Now he understood why he walks so hard and can’t play with his friends like before! From that day on, the little panda started to exercise and eat healthy food! Once he wanted to throw away his magic pencil! But he thought to himself:
Why should I throw it away?! I can paint healthy foods with it! Like apples, oranges, lettuce and broccoli!

panda eating healthy in panda's magic pencil story for kids
panda eating healthy

Every day that passed, the little panda got healthier and felt better! He had turned into the same cute and beautiful little panda and could play with his friends again!

One day when he was coming back from the game, he went to take the magic pencil and draw a fruit with it, but no matter what he looked, he couldn’t find it!

panda lost a magic pencil in panda's magic pencil story for kids
panda lost a magic pencil

That magic pencil disappeared as suddenly as it was found! But the little panda was very happy and promised himself to eat every food in measure from then on! Even if it is very tasty.


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