how was I born?

how was I born?

Elphy has lots of questions! Whenever he doesn’t know the answer, he asks others!

Today, Elphy’s friend, Teddy bear, is gonna have a new brother! Elphy is gonna visit his friend’s new born brother. But Elphy doesn’t know where the new born baby has come from!

Well! Where does himself has come from! How was he born? When Elphy arrived at his friend’s house, he asked Teddy:

Teddy! How were we born?

Teddy scratched his Tommy and said:

Well! I think my mom ate a gallon of honey, and That’s how was I born.

But my mom doesn’t like honey! So how was I born! Elphy wondered!

Teddy didn’t know the answer! So Elphy went to Tigerous and said:

Hey! Tigerous! Do you know how were we born?!

Maybe, the lion, Who is the king, has a basket full of babies and he gave us to our moms from that basket!

But I’m really big! I don’t thing I could fit in a basket! Said Elphy.

So you were born different! Tigerous answered.

Elphy went to the little Squicky who was a squirrel.

Hey, Squicky! Do you know how was I born! Asked Elphy.

I think your mom planted you in a garden and then you were born. My mom did the same think. said Squicky.

Elphy got happy. Because he was born like one of his friends. So he tip toed to the river to drink water with his long trunk. Elphy saw Kitty the cat who was swimming there. Elphy said:

Kitty! I know how Squicky and me were born! Do you want me to tell you?

Meaw! I know! They were brought us from the Big Bazaar!

NOoOoo! They planted us! We grew like a flower! Elphy was confused!

Cute little Bunny, Who was listening, said:

But my mom told me that Mr. Stork, who is the forest’s doctor, brought us to this world.

Elphy was really confused. Why no one knew the answer!?

Elphy went to Mr. Stork and said:

Bunny’s mom told us that you brought us to this world! is this true?

Mr. Stork laughed and said:

Yes of course! There was a time that your parents really wanted a little cute baby! So you grew in your mommy’s Tommy! When you grew enough, I helped your mommy and you were born just like that!

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I'm a narrator obsessed with writing and telling children's stories. I believe that in the stories world, everything is much easier to understand, especially for kids.

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