I don’t like my curly hair!

I don’t like my curly hair!
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Ginny’s hair was curly! She didn’t like her curly at all! She looked in the mirror every day and thought:

My hair is so ugly! I don’t like my curly hair!

One they at kindergarten, her teacher said:

Kids! We have a very special thing to do today! Look at your friends and draw their faces! Then tell me what do you think is the most beautiful thing in your friend’s face.

Well! this is a hard one! Ginny thought.

Ginny looked at Sidney’s face! Sidney was very pretty! She has cute pink chicks! Ginny started drawing Sidney! She drew a red line around her pink chicks; because they were so beautiful!

Ginny then looked at Danny! Danny’s hair was straight. Ginny thought:

OMG! I wish my hair was this straight!

Ginny drew Danny’s face and drew a red line around his hair!

Ginny looked at Emma! She had long light brown hair! Ginny painted Emma and marked her nice hair with red pencil!

It was Cameron’s turn. Ginny looked at him very carefully. Yep! His red glasses were very charming! She painted Cameron ‘s face and drew a red circle around his red glasses!

Well guys! Time’s up! Who is gonna show his or her picture first? Their teacher asked kindly.

Ginny didn’t like others talk about her; cause she thought she has nothing beautiful in her face! So she ran to the front and raised her drawing!

I love Sidney’s pink chicks! They are so cute! Ginny said.

Really? I thought no one would like them; cause they make me look chubby! Sidney wondered!

Then Ginny showed Danny’s picture and said that how much she like his straight hair.

Danny was surprised! He said:
That’s a bit odd! Cause I don’t like my hair! It’s always bothering me; cause it’s too straight! It does not get styled and goes into my eyes! I didn’t like them at all!

Ginny pointed at Emma’s face and said:

Emma has straight long brown hair! Which is so nice!

Emma laughed:

But I wished I had curly hair! I thought curly hair is more stylish!

When it was Cameron’s turn, he saw his face on Ginny’s painting with his red glasses.

I can’t believe this! Do you really like my glasses? I didn’t like them! I thought they make me look ugly!

now it was other’s turn to talk about Ginny!

Sidney said:

I think Ginny has the most beautiful smile! When she smiles, all her teeth show off! Her teeth are white and shiny like pearls!

Ginny was really shocked! She never thought of her teeth this way before!

Danny said:

Ginny’s hair is curly! She has the most beautiful curly hair in the world!

Ginny couldn’t be more surprised! She couldn’t believe that someone actually found her hair pretty!

Emma raised her drawing and said:

Ginny has the most cute curly hair and the most charming smile!

Ginny smiled!

Ginny has black hair and eyes! Just like the night sky! Said Cameron.

Ginny touched her curly hair and thought:

Well… I suppose It’s not that bad…!

Her teacher looked at her and winked!


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