Dinocity – DimDim goes to astronomy camp!

Dinocity – DimDim goes to astronomy camp!
Dinocity – DimDim goes to astronomy camp! Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Comedy

There will be an astronomy camp in dinocity and DimDim wants to sign up! But is his money enough?

Millions of years ago, when there was no human on earth, very strange creatures lived on it!

They were tall, but they were no apartment or tower!

They were colorful, but the didn’t look like rainbow or gardens at all!

They were very strong and mighty, but they weren’t like trucks!

What do you think those beautiful creatures were called?

Yes of course! you are right! they were dinosaurs!

That days, dinosaurs lived in a flourishing city near on sleepy volcano! Their city called ” Dinocity “.

One day, journalistDino, who was the only dinosaure that could fly, was flying above the city:

Attention! Dinocity citizens! Dinokids! There is gonna be an astronomy camp! If If you want to see the shooting start or watch the moon, go and sign up in the astronomy center! The address is: The kid’s astronomy center, 4th cave from the left, Dinosquare! Dinojournalist said loud behind the speaker.

DimDim was standing near his bedroom’s window when he heard Dinojournalist’s announcement!

What? Astronomy camp? Shooting star? Seems very exciting!

hearing DimDim’s Voice, Dinojournalist flew and landed near the window.

I can tell someone is interested! Do you want to sign up DimDim?

Yeah of course I want! DimDim answered.

Dinojournalist took a brochure out of his bag and said:

So you better know the price. you have to pay 15 Dinors for registration. And also, you should bring 10 more just in case! You only have tow weeks for registration. The camp will start tow weeks from now, at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

And how long we’ll be staying? DimDim asked curiousely.

Just one night! We will stay one night to observe the shooting star and the moon. And we will return the next morning.

DimDim thanked Dinojournalist and closed the window. He left his room and went his father.

DimDim’s dad was sitting on the stone sofa, reading ” Dinocity times”!


Yes dear?!

Did you hear Dinojournalist’s announcement?


There will be an astronomy camp! They Started to register Dinokids!

Wow! that is so cool! His father saild.

Can I sign up too?! pleas DAAaaaD! pleeeeaaase!

Mmmm! Let me ask something! How much money did you save from your allowance?

Nothing! I just bought the SuperDino costume yesterday!

His father thought for a moment and then asked:

Well, How much money do you need for the camp?

Dinojournalist told me that 15 Dinors is required for registration. And we should have 10 Dinors with us as we may need it!

And when is the registration deadline dear?! His father smiled.

We only have tow weeks!

So, you need 25 Dinors overall for this camp?

Yes Daddyyy!

Well! It means you can save 20 Dinors in the next tow weeks by yourself! Then I will help you with the other 5 Dinors!

Really Dad? Will you? DimDim looked very happy.

Of course son!

Thanks Dad! I love you so much! you are the best dad in the world!!

DimDim went to his room and wrote on his money pot: ” to the astronomy camp “!

Days passed and DimDim saved every Dinor of his allowance. after tow weeks, DimDIm opened his pot and took his 20 Dinors. He ran to his dad and said:

DaAaAd! Look! Finally I can sign up for the camp. I’ll get to see the shooting star!

His dad looked at him with a big smile and said:

Well done! I’m so proud of you for waiting ang saving your money! It’s very impressive! Now you can sign up for the activity you like! But before that, sit down please. I have to tell you something!

DimDim sat beside his dad.

I have to tell you a secret! Dad whispered!

What secret daddy? DimDim wondered.

His father pointed to a picture! That was a picture of his own childhood! He was Hugging a red shiny Dinobike in the picture!

Do you see that Dinobike? That was one of the most important things I had as a Dinokid! Do you lnow why?!

No! why?

Because when I was a Dinokid , I wanted a Dinobike. so I started saving my allowance! just like you! It took me three years to save enough money and buy my favorite Dinobike!

OH! So is this the reason you love that picture so much?! I get it now! DimDim said.

Yeah honey! Now you can save your money for bigger and more expensive things you like!

Then, his dad gave him 5 Dinors from his pocket and continued:

Here you are! This is the 5 Dinors I promised! Now you can go and sign up for the astronomy camp!

DimDim ran all the way to the astronomy center and signed up for the camp! His wish finally came true!

DimDim couldn’t sleep that night! He couldn’t wait to see the shooting star!

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