The Walnut planet – Episode 10

The Walnut planet – Episode 10
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The Walnut planet – Episode 10 Information
GenreFantasy, Scientific

In the calmness of the solar system, a new light suddenly emerged, awakening all the planets. Walnut discovered a moon spinning around, seeking a perfect name.

All the planets were asleep and they were spinning around themselves in their sleep and moving very slowly in their orbits, when suddenly a loud noise was heard and a strange light was seen in a corner of the solar system.

The light was so much that all the planets of the solar system woke up and the question arose for them:

where does this new light come from?

Of course, this time there was no need to look for the owner of the voice. They all said together:


Walnut, who was stumbling, came out from behind the sun and said:


Neptune and Uranus said with a laugh from the end of the solar system:

Well done, Walnut! You are making noise in the front line all by yourself! If you were with us, we would make noise together!

Mars said:

You two planets are enough for the last line of the system! If walnuts were with you, there would be no solar system left for us! Take a little bit of Pluto! He always sits at the end of the line and moves quietly!

Uranus laughed out loud and said:

Well, Pluto is always sleeping! No one sees him!

Neptune continued:

He is so quiet and calm that everyone even doubts whether it is a planet or not.

The sun calmed all the planets and asked the walnut:

What have you done again?

Walnut said:

I do not know! I was sleeping! Suddenly, something hit me hard! Even now I feel that something is spinning around me! I feel dizzy!

All the planets started laughing loudly! Walnut said:

why are you laughing? I’m telling the truth! I feel that it is spinning around my head!

Sun said:

do not be afraid! You are in a good mood! What is spinning around your head is a small moon that is for you from now on!

Walnut asked with surprise and delight:

What? Moon? my moon? Wow, do I have a moon?

Jupiter said loudly:

If you don’t like it, you can give it to me! I will buy your moon from you!

The sun said with a frown:

Oh Jupiter! You have 79 moons! Do you want to buy a new moon again?

Walnut was careful and finally he could see the moon! The moon was very small and very close to the walnut. Walnut said to his moon:

Hello! How did you get here, little one?

The little moon laughed and jumped up!

Venus said:

He is still small! He doesn’t know how to talk!

Walnut said with a laugh:

I have to choose a name for him!

He thought a little! Think more! But whatever he thought, nothing seemed to him!

Guys, what do you think is the best name for the walnut moon?

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