Dinocity – SuperDino saves DimDim

Dinocity – SuperDino saves DimDim
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Dinocity – SuperDino saves DimDim Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Comedy

Hello, young adventurers! Today, let me take you to DinoCity, where heroics and lessons await. Meet DimDim and Dinomanni, two brave dinosaurs with dreams of becoming heroes.

One of the most beautiful days in DinoCity, when all the residents were happy and smiling, DimDim and the rest of the children were running and playing around the fountain of the city’s main square! But suddenly Dim Dim fell into the water pond in the middle of the square! Dinomanni shouted:
Move! hurry up! Let me see what happened!

Dinomanni is one of the baby dinosaurs that you get to know more about in the story!
Move! Dinomanni the hero enters!

Dinomanni was wearing a superdino costume and a superdino mask on his face and he was standing next to a big stone in the middle of the field! The cape of his clothes was shaking in the wind and it was like he had become a real superdino!

Dinomanni the Superdino is ready to save you!

Help me! Help!

I’m coming! do not worry!

Dinomanni jumped into the pond and hugged Dim Dim and took him out of the water! All the baby dinosaurs were happy and clapped for Dinomanni!

DimDim who was still coughing said:
Thank you for saving me! I don’t know how to swim and I’m very afraid of water!

Dinomanni said bravely:
But a Superdino is never afraid of water!

You really look like a superdino! Said DimDim.

Dinomanni said:
Yes, of course! Look at my dress! Since I wear this costume, I became a superdino! Everyone listen! If something happens to you, just clap your hands twice and call me and I will come quickly and save you!

When Dinomanni finished speaking, he ran away and said that he should prepare to save the rest of the city’s inhabitants.

But guys! Dim Dim also wanted to become a hero and have the dinosaurs clap for him and cheer him on.
Dim Dim ran and went home and said loudly:
Mommy DimDim! Mommy Dim Dim!

When her mother saw that all his clothes were wet, she asked worriedly:

Oh my God! DimDim! what happened What did you do? You will catching a cold!

No, I won’t catch a cold!

So what happened my son?

I want a superdino suit! I want to be a hero like Dinomanni!

Dinomanni?! What did he do?

He bought a superdino suit! Those that are red and blue and have masks and capes! Since he bought that dress, he can swim. Just like a hero! I want those clothes too!

When DimDim’s mother heard these words, she understood that Dim Dim’s insistence would start now:
Learned to swim in a superdino suit? Is it possible?

Yes! I’m sure! Mom, you weren’t there to see! I was playing in the field when I fell into the water pond in the middle of the field! But Dinomani jumped into the water and saved me! I want those clothes too!

His mother said:
But my son! You bought Superdino costume just a few weeks ago! don’t you remember?

Yes, I remember! But I didn’t buy his mask and cape! That’s why when I wear my costume, I can’t do anything! mom! I want to be a real superdino! That’s why I have to have a mask and cape and everything that a real superdino has! Exactly like Dinomanni!

When Mommy DimDim saw that she that she couldn’t convince Dim Dim that no dinosaour can become a Superdino just by wearing a dress, she said:
Be my son! But you have to buy it with your own money!

DimDim ran to his room and said:
Well, I have to see how much I have saved!

DimDim opened the door of his money pot and took ten Dinors from the money he had saved to buy a telescope and walked with his mother to the big store! DimDim bought a mask and a cape from the store! Then he put on his clothes, put his mask on his face and ran to the city square! But when he reached the pond inside the square, he said to himself:
Oh my God! I am still afraid of water! So if a baby dinosaur falls into the water, how can I save him?

DimDim’s mom shook her head with a laugh and said:
my son! You can’t learn to swim with a cape and mask!

But I want to be a hero!
my son! For being a hero, you don’t need to wear these clothes! You already are a hero right now! Don’t you remember that you won the Dinowings competition?

Oh! Yes!

DimDim was very upset when he found out that he will not become a hero by wearing a mask, cape and Superdino costume, and that he spent money from his savings by buying these things! He promised himself that from now on, whenever he wants to buy something, he should first sleep for a few nights and wake up and think carefully and ask his mother and father’s opinion! Then, if he still wanted that thing, he should go to his savings and spend his money!

Tell me, guys! Have you ever insisted to your mom or dad to buy you toys or clothes? What things have you ever bought with your savings that you didn’t really like after a while?

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