Dinocity – DimDim, the Dinowings champion

Dinocity – DimDim, the Dinowings champion
Dinocity – DimDim, the Dinowings champion Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Comedy

Join DimDim in his journey to prepare for the Dinowings competition, as he faces challenges and makes important decisions to chase his dreams.

Oops! Ah! Ouch!
Do not worry! This is the sound of DimDim who is strengthening his dinowings to participate in the competition, but he is not strong enough!

Dim Dim went and said to his father:
Dad Dad!

yes my son Yes?

These dinowings are so sturdy! Ouch!

Well, my son, I told you that you should come so that I can help you! His father laughed.

Dim Dim and his father started tightening the dinowings!

Ouch! Oh my God! The truth is that Dim Dim’s father’s power was too much!

Dad! That broke!

His father said:
Yes! Oh my God! I think I tightened it too much!

What should we do now? I have a race this weekend!

His father said:
Don’t worry my son! Tomorrow we will go to the store together and I will buy you a new dinowings!

Hooray! New dinowings!

DimDim was very happy! The new dinowings are so cool! They are colored and there is a light on the left corner of their wing!

DimDim went to his room and lay on his bed imagining himself with his new dinowings when suddenly he heard a sound. The sound of a beautiful dinotar! Dim Dim said to himself:

I mean, what is this sound?

And then suddenly he remembered:
Aha! Dinomelody, the baby dinosaur next door, had started her music practice! He was supposed to be in the band on the day of the competition and play an dinotar for the participants! Dim Dim said to himself:
What a beautiful sound!

And then he ran out of his room and said:
Dad! Dad!

Yes my son!

Can you buy me an dinotar tomorrow when we go to bazar?

Dinotar? Why my son?

DimDim said:

See how well Dinomelody play the dinotar!

Aha! Well, my son is the musician of the team and he must have an instrument! But you are not a musician!
DimDim said:
Music that has nothing hard! You play the ding ding on the dinotar to make it sound!

What son? You have to go to class and practice!

I will definitely go to class and learn, Dad!

His father said:
Son! We’re going to the bazar tomorrow so I can buy you a dinowings! But if you want an dinotar, you have to go and take money from your money pot!

My money pot? I don’t have much money in my money pot! and also, I want to buy a telescope!

DimDim! It’s the the Dinowings competition in the weekend and you are one of the participants! Your dinowings are broken and you can’t participate in the race! Now, do you think it’s better to go buy dynowings or to go buy a dinotar, my son?

DimDim said sadly:
I also want an dinotar!

I know my son! But now you need Dinowings! There is time to buy a dinotar! You can buy it later with your savings!

DimDim thought and thought and then thought again and realized that his father was right! Buying Dinowings is much more important because he has to compete! Dinotar is not so important! Because DimDim hadn’t attended any class yet and he didn’t know how to use it!

The next day, Dim Dim and his father went to the market and bought a beautiful and new Dinowings! DimDim practiced very hard with her new dinowings and got ready for the race!

DimDim practiced so much that he won the competition and get the grand prize! Do you know what the prize was? 30 Dinors!

DimDim was very happy, because he was a little closer to buying his telescope! Dinomelody played a beautiful song and everyone cheered for DimDim!


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