Tell the story of a fish – imagination practice 6

Tell the story of a fish – imagination practice 6
Tell the story of a fish – imagination practice 6 Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Hello there! Today, let’s embark on a magical journey of imagination. Fantasize with me and discover how we can create beautiful stories by swapping abilities between creatures like fish and birds.

Today I have a very beautiful fantasy for you! Of course, I think that fantasy is always beautiful.
Fantasizing is very enjoyable and makes us feel beautiful emotions! It makes us experience a different quality of events! For example, we can travel to the north, south, plain, forest, mountain, sea in fantasy.

What happens if we don’t dream? In this way, we can travel to the forest or mountain only once! But by imagining, we can imagine ourselves there again whenever we want! This is how stories are made!

I have a suggestion!

In imagination, we can move things together or lend their abilities to each other!
look! What does a fish do? He swims! What does a bird do? She flies! OK! Now let’s exchange their abilities together! The fish lends the ability to swim to the bird and the bird lends the ability to fly to the fish!

So now we have two beautiful stories!

A fish that can fly and fly and dance in the sky and a bird that can swim in the water and have fun. What beautiful stories!

Empty your mind and think about that fish! If a fish wants to open its wings and fly, where does it go? A fish that has always been in the water, if it learns to fly, where will it travel? If he goes to the top of the sky and looks at the seas and oceans, what will he remember?

Do you see what happened in your mind? This means creating a beautiful and new world!

This is starting to make something that doesn’t exist!

And the beginning of a new wonderful story!


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