Dinocity – DimDim and a hard choice

Dinocity – DimDim and a hard choice
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Dinocity – DimDim and a hard choice Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Comedy

In Dinocity, a tough choice awaits DimDim: a thrilling football match or a day at the amusement park with friends. How will he decide between these exciting adventures?

One of the beautiful days in Dinocity, Dinokids were gathered together when the voice of the Dino reporter was raised:
Respected people of Dinocity, pay attention! Tomorrow at noon, the football match of Dinocity team will be held! Hurry up to buy tickets for this exciting match!

When DimDim heard this, he excitedly said:
did you hear? Dinosaur football team match?! Great!

DimDim was very excited to hear the news of the competition, but Dinolazy said:
But we are going to go to the amusement park tomorrow with Dinomanni and Dinosol! Does that mean you are not coming with us?!

DimDim said:
Come with me to the football match! Then we will go to the amusement park the next day!

Dinosol said:
No! Tomorrow Dinofun is going to come and spin the carousel! He will only come tomorrow! I like to ride the carousel!

Dinolazy said:
I also prefer to ride the carousel!

DimDim said:
Well, the football match is held once a month! I also like the carousel! What should I do now?

DimDim returned home that day sad. When his father saw his distress, he asked:
Oh! my dear son! Why is DimDim upset?!

Dinocity football match will be held tomorrow!

His father said excitedly:
and she! This is great, my son! We can take our flags and hats with us and go to stone Stadium and cheer for the team!

Dad! this is great! But I promised to go to the amusement park tomorrow with Dinosol and Dinolazy!

His father said:
Well, my son! You can go to the amusement park another day!

No! Because tomorrow Dinofun is going to come to the amusement park and bring his carousel with him!

His father said:
Aha! Well, my son! You have to choose between these two!

DimDim said:
Yes I know! But I love them both! I don’t know what to do, dad!

Look, my dear boy! I know that choosing it is a very difficult task! But there us no other way! Anyway, if you choose any of these, you will lose the other one! Tell me when Dinofun is going to return to Dinocity again?

I do not know! But the last time he came, I was very small!

Yes, my son, I know! But we know that the next game of the football team is exactly one month away! I think you can go to the amusement park with your friends tomorrow and have a lot of fun! I also promise you that next month we will go to stone Stadium with flags and hats and cheer for the football team! agreed?

do you promise?

It is a deal son!

The next day, DimDim went to the amusement park with his friends and played a lot! But the story didn’t end here, because next month it was time for the football match!

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