A Cloud that Tasted Like Strawberries

A Cloud that Tasted Like Strawberries
A Cloud that Tasted Like Strawberries Information

Join Julian on a tasty adventure where even clouds become friends in the land of delicious flavors!

A Cloud that Tasted Like Strawberries Story

Julian is a cute boy who loves all foods. From pizza and hamburger to steak and pasta, Julian eats and enjoys all kinds of food. But guys! Julian had a very strange behavior! He saw everything and everyone as food!

Julian walking with cloud
Julian walking with cloud

One day, as he was walking and eating food, he saw a cloud in the sky in the shape of a strawberry. He stopped and looked at the cloud in surprise and said to himself:
Wow! This cloud must taste like strawberry. I wish I could press it!

Little Cloud opened his eyes when he heard Julian’s voice. Kelly was delighted and turned around. The little cloud in the sky had no friends.

Julian talking to cloud
Julian talking to cloud

The little cloud came down and slowly stood in front of Julian’s face. Julian was scared and wanted to run away, but the little cloud said:
No no! Do not be afraid of me! I am the little cloud that tastes like strawberries!

Julian slowly approached the little cloud and caressed him! Then he put his finger in his mouth!
Yeah! It’s like you really taste strawberry!

Julian touching clouds
Julian touching clouds

Julian and little cloud laughed loudly! Little Cloud said:
will you be my friend?

Julian nodded his head in agreement! Little Cloud said:
So take my hand and let’s go together to the land of delicious clouds!

The land of clouds was colorful and smelled like pastels! There were a lot of colored clouds that had different tastes! Julian and little Cloud played together and Julian ate clouds with the taste of banana, apple and orange!

Julian at delicious clouds city
Julian at delicious clouds city

Until he heard the sound of his school bell! He happily rode on the little cloud and shouted:
To the school!

The little cloud slipped in the sky very quickly and brought Julian to school! Little Cloud and Julian promised each other that this friendship would remain a secret between them.

Julian and cloud at school
Julian and cloud at school

That day, the little cloud promised to visit Julian sometime and take him to the land of delicious clouds.

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