Dinokids at the stadium

Dinokids at the stadium
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That day Dim Dim and his friends gathered around the square!
DimDim said excitedly:
I’m going to tie a Dinocity flag around my neck and wear a tasseled hat!

Dinosol said:
So I will wear my beautiful skirt and colorful wig.

I really love football! I go to Sangi Stadium to see all the matches! We will definitely have a lot of fun this time! said Dinomani.

Yeah! Sure! Aha! Is your seat number written on your ticket?

DimDim said:
Yes! My seat number is 879!

My seat number is 877!
Hooray! So we sit together! What is your seat number?

Dino Money said with a big smile:
Seat number 7!

Dinosol and Dim Dim said together:
What?? You must be joking!!!

No! Why joke?!

Dinosol said:
The seat number seven is very close to the field! That is a VIP seat!

Yes! I have bought a VIP ticket!

Dim Dim said with regret:
Good for you!

But Dinosol said:
After all, there is nothing special! It is the same football match! But he will be a little closer!

Dinomani said:
Does not matter? You sit at the end of the stadium and I sit right next to the field! I can touch the match ball!

Dim Dim said:
Are you really telling the truth? I also like to sit there!

Dinomani said:
Come on! Buy a ticket for the VIP seat! This way we can watch the game together!

Yes! Yes! I’m gonna do the same thing!

Dinosol said:
DimDim! DimDim! Don’t buy a ticket! You have a ticket! The VIP ticket is very expensive, it also shows the same match!

Dinomani said boredly:
You keep repeating yourself! DimDim don’t listen to her! You have a lot of savings! Go take it from your savings and let‘s buy you a ticket!

DimDim, who really wanted to sit in the VIP seat, ran and went home! The whole house was crowded! His father was preparing himself for the match! He had spread flags and colorful hats on the ground and was trying them one by one. When he saw his son, he said:
Where have you been boy?! Hurry up, get ready! We have to go to the stadium and find our seats before the game starts!

Dad! Dad! I want to buy a VIP ticket!

What? VIP? But son! That ticket is very expensive!

Yes I know! But I have the money! I have savings!

But my son! You had saved that money to buy something else! Did you forget that?

No! I have not forgotten at all!

His father said:
Well, my son, if you regularly withdraw from your savings and spend, your money will accumulate later and you won’t be able to buy your telescope soon! Does it worth it?

Yes! I want to sit in the VIP seat!

What is the difference between the VIP position and our position, after all? The seat material is the same! We will see the same match!

But I can’t touch the ball from there!

His father started laughing and said:
Touch the ball? Boy! The ball is only on the field and only the players have the right to touch it! Look, my dear! If you want to use your savings and buy a VIP ticket, buy it! But you can’t buy your telescope this way soon!

When Dim Dim heard his father’s words, he thought a little and said:
You are right, father! Now that I think about it, I see that a VIP place is not worth as much as a good telescope! To seat number 879!

DimDim and his father picked up colorful flags and went to the stadium! That day, the Dinosaur team won 3-1 against the Tirex team, and all the residents of Dinocity were very happy!

guys! In your opinion, was the VIP seat really different from the regular seat? What would you do if you were DimDim?


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No The VIP seat was not different from the regular seat. They were both the same. One is just so much closer then the other one. I would save my money and keep the seat I bought for the game.

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