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Sleepcherry! Information
GenreFantasy, Comedy

Hi there! I’m SleepCherry, a unique creature with a cherry-filled head and thorns on my hands. I help children with their dreams, but sometimes my appearance scares them.

audio story of sleepcherry!

Hello! My name is SleepCherry! My father is a giant and my mother is a cherry tree! That’s why my face is strange! I have thorns on my hands and my head is full of cherries! My family has an interesting job! Our job is to make people sleep and entertain them!

I am responsible for taking care of children’s nightmares and dreams! But sometimes I don’t like my job! Because in some children’s dreams, when I go, they are afraid of me and start crying! No matter how much I tell them that I just have a strange look and that I am kind, they don’t accept my words! And then they throw themselves on the clouds from the sky of the land of dreams and wake up!

When I first came to work, I was very upset that the children were afraid of me! One day when I was very sad, I said to my father:
What kind of job do I have? Everyone is afraid of me!

But daddy giant, who was busy with the dreams of adults, hurriedly said:
It’s better to be happy that you are not yet responsible for the sleep and dreams of adults! If not, all the cherries on my head would have withered!

until one day I finally realized why children are afraid of me! They were afraid of the thorns on my body! That’s why when I want to hug them in my sleep, I cover the thorns with cotton! In this way, I will look like a snowman and I can safely hug the children!

Sometimes, in the sleep of some children, they suddenly miss their parents! To make them happy, I take a cherry from my head and give it to them! Some of them who like my cherries get excited and jump on me to eat all the cherries!

I am so lucky that the cherries on my head are growing back! If not, there would be no cherries left on my head!

Indeed! I didn’t know some kids don’t like tag play! One day we played tag in one of the children’s sleep! It was fun at first, but when it was my turn to run after the kids, they got scared and screamed! Then I heard the voices of their parents who woke them up and asked:
Who bothered you in your sleep?

But I really didn’t want to bother them! Children do not know what a sensitive job I have! For example, sometimes, instead of playing, I have to go to sleep of children who ate a very heavy meal at night!
I am very moody at times like this and the children are afraid to see my angry face and understand that they should not eat too much before going to bed!

It is true that my family has a very hard job, but some days I have a lot of fun! When my father gives me a mission to go to a child’s dream, I happily jump into that child’s dream! You don’t know how beautiful children’s dreams are! The children’s dream is a city full of ice cream, candy and snowmen and the smell of bubble gum! Mama Gilas always says:
As every job is difficult, it is also fun! If you do it with love, every day will be sweeter!

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I'm a narrator obsessed with writing and telling children's stories. I believe that in the stories world, everything is much easier to understand, especially for kids.

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