Jonathan in search of treasure – Episode 4

Jonathan in search of treasure – Episode 4
Jonathan in search of treasure – Episode 4 Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreNon-fiction, Comedy

Join little Jonathan on a nighttime adventure to discover the hidden island treasure—a delicious cake! But, will the island boss, his mom, ruin his plans again?

Little Jonathan wanted to reach the food chest of the refrigerator before nightfall! He knew that tonight is a celebration in the house island, and the head of the island, his mother, put a very delicious big cake in the refrigerator’s food chest!

So he quickly got on the pillow horse and moved towards the kitchen. He shook his horse, but the pillow horse was moving very slowly! He had eaten a lot of cotton, he had become fat and heavy and could not run.

Jonathan put the pillow horse by the wall and decided to walk the rest of the way. He took his jacket and shirt and slowly went to the kitchen. But suddenly his foot hit something and made a loud noise!
Jonathan quickly hid behind the furniture mountain and called out sneakily! The head of the island, said loudly:

Jonathan! Did you put your glass of water on the floor again?

Jonathan looked at the glass of water that fell on the floor and said:

Sorry, Your Highness! Take it now!

Jonathan came out from behind the sofa and ran to the glass and then hurried to the kitchen. Then he breathed a sigh of relief and was glad that the island boss hadn’t come out of her room. He quickly picked up one of the kitchen chairs and slowly placed it next to the food box in the refrigerator.

He looked around for the umpteenth time and climbed up from the chair!
The air in the around the refrigerator was cold. That’s why Jonathan was very happy to wear his jacket and hat! He rubbed his hands together happily and said happily.

Where is the delicious cake?

He opened the door of the refrigerator and looked carefully at all the floors, but there was no cake! He said in surprise:

So where is the cake?!

The head of the island said from the back:

A safe place where a little mouse like you can’t reach it and eat it.

Jonathan said:

No, Your Excellency! I did not want to eat it! I just wanted to make sure it was safe!

Then he got down from the chair and as he was going to his room, he said under his breath:

This island boss ruins my plans every single time!


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