The little fish and her new friend

The little fish and her new friend
The little fish and her new friend Information
Age0-3, 4-6
GenreFantasy, Comedy

The little fish wished for a friend, but when a fat lizard fell into its bowl, things got tricky! Join their funny adventure!

The little fish was lonely and sad all day! None of his friends were with him anymore! When Mr. Mustache left the house, the little fish looked at the terrace! Then he put his small fins under his chin and said with a loud sigh:

I wish a little friend like myself, would fall from the sky in my heart so I would not be alone anymore!

At this moment, from the corner of the terrace, a fat lizard entered the room, slipped, and fell into the fishbowl!

The fish got scared and stuck to the tank’s wall! The lizard looks even fatter now! The fish’s heart was beating fast, and the lizard struggled in the water! The fish said to herself:

Poor lizard! He doesn’t even know how to swim!

The lizard shook his tail in the water, so the little water inside the bowl also spilled out and scared the little fish even more!

The lizard tried to climb up the fishbowl’s wall, but he failed. Every time he slipped and fell into the water!
Little fish looked out! It was completely dark in the house. She said to herself:

I wanted a small fish like me to fall into the tank, not a lizard that hates water and is causing me to die too!

The little fish’s back was hurting! She said to the lizard:

Relax! Don’t do this! The water is running out! I will suffocate like this!

But it’s as if the lizard didn’t hear the sound of the little fish, and kept moving!

When there was a sound at the door, and Mr. Mustache came back, the lizard got more scared and struggled more! The sound of the lizard moving in the water reached Mr. Mustache’s ears, and he noticed the lizard’s presence!

Mr. Mustache was surprised and looked at the fishbowl! The lizard didn’t move any more! He just stared at the little fish angrily! The little fish wanted to say:

How is this my fault?

Mr. Mustache returned with a glove, removed the lizard, and returned him to the terrace! The lizard was very happy to be saved. He quickly hid behind the pot on the balcony. The little fish started swimming and dancing in the cool water again!

Mr. Mustache took the fishbowl and poured fresh water into it! The little fish was happy and swam inside the tank and turned and turned!


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