Mia’s painting

Mia’s painting
Mia’s painting Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Mia, the talented artist, faced a challenge when her zoo painting turned sad. With creativity and kindness, she transformed it into a cheerful forest masterpiece.

Because Mia liked painting so much, she decided to go to painting class this year too! Mia practiced drawing a lot and drew very good pictures! The teacher always encouraged Mia with those drawings!
One day the painting teacher said:

A drawing competition will be held in two weeks! The best painting will be taken to the city gallery and displayed there for everyone to see! Anyone who likes can participate in this contest!

Mia decided to sign up for the competition! She wanted to win for sure! That’s why she started so early! She installed a large sheet of paper on the wall and brought all his crayons and crayons! She liked to draw a big zoo with different animals! That’s why she started painting on the same day!

Every day she drew cages with happy animals and painted them! After a week, Mia’s painting is finished! She happily showed her drawing to her parents and slept happily at night!

Because she managed to finish his work on time! But the following day, something strange happened! When Mia goes to her drawing, she realizes that all the animals are sad and not smiling anymore! Mia was surprised because she didn’t know why the animals were so upset! She thought to herself:

I drew the cages huge and spacious! None of the animals are alone! So what happened?

Mia thought for a while and suddenly said:

Aha! You must be hungry! I forgot to bring you food!

Then she started and drew some bananas for the monkey! She drew honey for the bears, hazelnuts for the squirrels, and …! Mia was sure that now animals would be happy! But she was wrong! Because again, the animals were sitting in the corner of their cages and were frowning!

Mia painted whatever she could think of for the animals to make them happy! Toys, happy people who clapped for them, and even a TV! But none of these could do anything to make the zoo animals happy again!

There was only one more day left until the competition! What should Mia do? Mia went to bed at night, but she couldn’t sleep because of worry! Until she heard a chatter! Mia realized that the zoo animals were talking to each other! The monkey said quietly:

If I were in the forest, I would play and jump on any tree I wanted!

The bear rubbed its big belly and said:

Forest honey is much tastier! My mouth is watering even thinking about it!

The eagle spread its giant wings and said:

I do not belong in a cage! I have to fly in the sky and above the mountains!

Mia, who had just realized why the animals were upset, got up and started to draw a new picture! She drew a big forest this time and added happy animals to his painting!

The following week, Mia’s painting was put on the wall of the city gallery, and everyone came to the gallery to see Mia’s beautiful forest! All the animals in the painting were happy and smiling, making the painting even more beautiful!


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