Mia and the foamy giant

Mia and the foamy giant
Mia and the foamy giant Information
GenreFantasy, Comedy

Join Mia as she turns bath time into an enchanting adventure with magical, foamy friends, but watch out for the foamy giant!

Little Mia was sitting in the bathtub, turning her hand in the soap foam! He was neither cold nor hot! Mia was just bored because she had to sit in the bathroom waiting for water! She was taking a bath, when the water cut off! Mia’s mom was heating water in a big pot on the stove to wash Mia’s foamy body with it!

Mia was still turning her hand in the tub! But suddenly, inside the foam, she saw a beautiful girl with long hair spinning and dancing happily. Then suddenly, the beautiful girl stopped! Because a huge foamy giant was standing in front of her! The beautiful girl shouted:

Oh, wicked giant! Get out of my way! I have nothing to do with you! I am spinning and dancing for myself!

But the foamy giant opened his big hands and shouted:

I’m hungry! I have not eaten for several days! Who is better and more beautiful than you? I will eat you to get fat! Maybe I will be beautiful like you!

Then he laughed loudly, and his laughter echoed in the bathroom! Mia quickly put her hand into the tub and said to the beautiful girl:

Hurry up! Sit on my hand!

The beautiful girl sat on Mia’s hand, and Mia turned her around the tub! But wherever Mia took the beautiful girl, the giant followed them! The beautiful girl and Mia shouted together:

Help! Help! The foamy giant is gonna eat us!

Mia’s mother heard her screams from inside the kitchen and said:

I’m coming! Don’t be afraid, Mia!

But Mia was very scared and shouted more!

Mia’s mother went to the bathroom with a bucket of hot water and poured hot water on Mia’s head! The beautiful girl and the foamy giant spilled out of the tub, slipped, and disappeared!

Mia looked at her mother! She was very upset because the beautiful girl was gone.
Mia’s mom took the shampoo and started washing Mia’s hair! Mia’s head was full of foam! When Mia opened her eyes, she saw some beautiful girls dancing and playing in the bathtub again!

Mia was happy again and turned her hand in the tub to play with them!


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