Kevin has Lost his Mood

Kevin has Lost his Mood
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Kevin has Lost his Mood Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Kevin was bored and lost his mood. His mom helped him search for it in the house. They imagined it as a plastic ball, a hand puppet, and even a storybook, finding joy in each discovery.

Kevin has Lost his Mood Story

Kevin was sitting at home impatiently and was watching TV without interest! TV programs were all repetitive!

Kevin turned off the TV and went to his mom who was cooking in the kitchen!

Mom, I’m not in the mood!

His mother asked:
Why are you not on the mood?

bored Kevin
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bored Kevin

Kevin said:
I think I have lost my mood! Because until a few minutes ago, my mood was in place!

Kevin’s mom said:
So come and let’s go together and look for your mood in the house!

They started looking. Kevin said:
What do you think the mood looks like, mom?

His mother thought a little and said:
For example, like a plastic ball?

Kevin saw a plastic ball in the corner of his room! He shot it and jumped up happily:
Hooray! Goal!

Kevin playing with ball
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Kevin playing with ball

A little later, Mood Coin was lost twice!
mom! What does mood look like?

His mother said:
For example, like a hand puppet?

Kevin’s mother put on a hand puppet, changed her voice and said:
Sir! Are you looking for your mood? Your mood is with me. But first tell me who are you and what are you?

I am a human and my name is Kevin!

What did you eat and what are you doing?
I had lunch and I am playing!

Kevin answered all of Poppet’s questions and laughed out loud at his funny words!

Kevin and handpuppet
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Kevin and handpuppet

A little later, Kevin’s mood was lost again!

What does mood look like, mom?

Like a storybook?

Kevin’s mother picked up a story book and started reading! In his imagination, Kevin sat in the chocolate hut and ate delicious desserts and laughed!

Kevin reading book
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Kevin reading book

A little later, Kevin’s mother left to do her chores! What did Kevin do? Kevin took his ball and turned it in the air! He picked up the story book and read a story to Poppet and laughed!

At night at bedtime, Kevin’s mom asked him:

Did you find your mood, honey?

Kevin finds his mood
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Kevin finds his mood

Yes Mom! My mood was hidden in the ball and poppet and story book!

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