The Tailless Squirrel

The Tailless Squirrel
The Tailless Squirrel Information
TypeBedtime, Rhyme
GenreFantasy, Comedy

Join a funny squirrel on a tail-tastic adventure! With leaves and laughter, can he find the perfect tail? Get ready for giggles and surprises in this playful tale.

The Tailless Squirrel Story

There was a funny squirrel who hadn’t a tail!
He always jumped on the branches and fell!

One day he decided to find himself a proper tail
A tail which is cozy with a right scale!

He went up from the chestnut tree.
he found a a leaf and knotted it to his knee!

He didn’t reach the next branch yet,
when the tail detached, He fell down and got upset!

Squirrel got up and walked among the bushy trees,
He searched every corner, even the holes were full of bees!

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he found:
A really strange plant near the lucid pond!

It had a very narrow stem
And bushy head, just like a squirrel tail!

Squirrel smiled and took some of those leaves!
He attached them to himself and jumped on the trees!

Little bunny and her friends were so close!
They saw the squirrel and started to giggle and make jokes!

squirrel got upset and wanted to ran away;
But his fake tail detached and he fell off again!

Squirrel started to cry at last!
rabbits were embarrassed, so they got around him very fast!

When he stopped crying, bunnies started to talk:
These plants are useless; not only for jumping, but also for a walk!

You should visit a proper doctor to fix your tail!
You won’t be able to walk if you fall down like this again!

Squirrel asked: Does such a doctor even exists?
bunny said: Yes! But it’s really far and the way is full of risks!

You must go to the dark forest and stay there at night,
cause the doctor is an owl, and he visits his patients when there is no light!

Squirrel scared at first and trembled;
But… It was impossible to live without a tail!

So he gathered his courage and started the trip.
He walked all day and night in the forest which it was very deep!

He was hungry and tired when he arrived at owl’s nest.
Everywhere was dark and there was no place to rest!

The owl asked: What are you doing here?
I don’t know you! You are not from anywhere near!

I don’t have a choice! You are my last chance!
Please give me a proper tail! I heard you are very advanced!

Owl said: Well OK! But we have some problems!
unfortunately, I don’t have any squirrel tails!

I just have a fox tail in my office right now!
I will attach it to your body if you allow!

Squirrel said: Well! fox tail is alright!
At least is better than leaves! Am I right?

Owl answered: Of course it’s better little one!
So, go and get ready! Before sunrise my job will be done!

The next morning, The squirrel jumped out from owl’s nest,
With a really nice look and a tail which was the best!


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I'm a narrator obsessed with writing and telling children's stories. I believe that in the stories world, everything is much easier to understand, especially for kids.

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