The Ants and The Grasshopper

The Ants and The Grasshopper
The Ants and The Grasshopper Information
Age4-6, 7-9
TypeBedtime, Moral
GenreFantasy, Fairy tale

While ant is working hard to store food and build shelter for the winter, the grasshopper mocks him and spends his days just resting and having fun!

audio story of the ants and the grasshopper

The Ants and The Grasshopper Story

Everything was beautiful in spring. The trees and flowers were shining under the sunlight. Ants and grasshopper were close friends who lived near each other.

In the spring, the ants were busy. They moved the heavy seeds and put them in the warehouse and prepared Themselves for the winter season.

ant working
ant working

But the grasshopper, happy and lazy, sat under the sunlight, in the middle of beautiful flowers and green grass, leaning on the branches of trees and singing spring songs. He said to himself:

This is the life I like. I always want to sing and act. Who is working in this pleasant weather?

grasshopper sleeping
grasshopper sleeping

Every day, the ants collected food and stored them in their house, which was located in the trunk of a small tree.

They used to collect seeds and fruits for their food and they used to store wood to light the fire in winter.

But the lazy grasshopper slept under the sunlight and used the gentle and beautiful air and sang pleasant songs.

ants working
ants working

The harvest season has arrived. The ant worked diligently and persistently. He made himself a ladder from grass stalks and used it to climb wheat stalks and collect wheat grains for baking bread.

Grasshopper also sat near him and sang new songs and said:

Who can sing like me? How beautiful my voice is.

grasshopper singing
grasshopper singing

The autumn season arrived with its cold weather and heavy rains, and the ants were still working. The leaves of the trees were falling on the ground.

The sad grasshopper stood under the leaves of the trees to protect himself from the rain. Then it was winter and it snowed.

The grasshopper did not find food to eat. He was very hungry in that cold weather and was not in the mood to sing.

grasshopper starving
grasshopper starving

But listen about the ants. He was sitting on their little chairs in their warm house, by the fire and resting. The grasshopper said to himself:

I will go to the ant’s house and ask him for help. I know that they have food and fire and a warm place.

The grasshopper knocked. The ant opened the door of his house and saw the grasshopper in front of him. The ant asked him:

What do you want?

The grasshopper replied:

My dear friends, I am hungry and very cold. Give me food to eat and wood to light a fire with.

What have you been doing all summer? said one of the ants. You were just playing and singing and making fun of me. I advised you, but you did not listen. You spent the whole summer singing, now go sing and live as you like.

Then they closed the door on the grasshopper. A short time passed. Ants became worried for the grasshopper.

ants helping the grasshopper
ants helping the grasshopper

They opened the door of Their house and brought the grasshopper to their house and fed him and prepared a warm place for him.

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