Ms. Hen soldier

Ms. Hen soldier
Ms. Hen soldier Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreComedy, Non-fiction

Amelia turns her home into a magical “Summer Land” picnic complete with watermelon, a handmade crown, and even two surprise soldier chickens, welcoming her mother as a guest.

When Amelia got home from school, she threw her school uniform and backpack on the bed and went to get the picnic mat from under the bed. When she found it, she spread it on the floor in front of the conditioner in the hall.

She brought some small and big pillows and put them on each other! When the pillows were ready, she sat on the mattress and leaned on them. Amelia began to think! What was missing?


She ran and fetched a bottle of cool water and a bowl full of delicious watermelon and placed it on Matt.

Amelia wanted to sit, but something else came to her mind! She quickly turned on the TV and found a good cartoon for herself. Then she sat on the mat, leaned on the back, and started eating watermelon. But suddenly, a thought came to her mind. Amelia went to her room and came back with some large papers, crafting, and painting materials!

She wrote on one of the large pieces of paper:

Welcome to summer land!

And around the paper, she drew a lot of ice cream, a swimming pool, bicycles, and skateboards. Then she stuck two straws behind the paper and put the straws between the pillows! The paper of the summer land was raised above Matt like a flag.

Amelia opened the window. Some branches of green trees in the yard came inside the house. Amelia took out her doll, whose name was Greeny, from her backpack! Greeny was Amelia’s close friend! Amelia sat Greeny next to the pillows and said:

From today until the end of summer, this is our land!

Then she made a crown with paper and scissors, painted it with golden pencil, and put the crown on her head. Then he said to Greeny:

I am the Queen of this land, and you are my minister! Many good things are going to happen in this land.

And then she raised his hand as a sign of victory.

At that moment, Amelia’s mother opened the door and entered! A small noisy box was also in mom’s hands. Amelia said:

Hello! This is our land! Please do not enter without permission.

Amalia’s mother laughed and said:

Today, on the occasion of the end of school, I have brought a gift for your land! Can I come in?

And then she gave the noisy box to Amelia.

Amelia jumped and hugged her mother and said:

Thanks a lot, mom!

Then she hurriedly opened the box! Suddenly, two yellow and golden chicks took their heads out of the box and started chirping!

Amelia jumped up and down with joy and said:

These chickens can be soldiers of our land!

Mom gave a bowl of water and a bowl of seeds to Amelia and said:

You have to take care of these two chicks to grow up!

Amelia took the bowls and said:

Hooray! Soldier chicken! Soldier chicken!

Amelia was delighted that her summer picnic was made more beautiful by the presence of two chickens, and she said to her mother:

From today, four people live in our summer land! The Queen, the minister, and two soldier chickens! As the Queen’s mother, you can be our guest sometimes.

Mom also bowed briefly and said:

Now we are celebrating the summer holidays in your land!

And then he went to the kitchen and returned with two ice creams!

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