The kids and the tree!

The kids and the tree!
The kids and the tree! Information
Age4-6, 7-9
TypeBedtime, Adventurous
GenreFantasy, Comedy

Amidst the hum of the lamppost and the laughter of a crow, two curious children embarked on a tree-climbing adventure, leading to an unexpected twist in their day.

The Lamppost yawned and twisted itself. The raceway began to gurgle! A crow came and sat on the electric lamp wires and crowed! Lamppost said:
Ah! You injured my wires with your sharp nails!

Raceway laughed. Lamppost said:
What are you laughing at?!

Raceway said:
To those two children!

The Lamppost and the crow looked at the other side of the street! The children tried climbing a tree but failed and slipped over and over! Lamppost said:
This is not funny! In the end, they hurt the poor tree!

The curious crow asked:
Why does he want to climb the tree?

Lamppost said:
Because children do not like trees!

Raceway said:
No! You are too hard! There must be a problem!

The crow said:
But I agree with the Lamppost! I am 65 years old, and in my whole life, I have seen children writing memorials on trees!

The crow wanted to fly to the tree and see what happened when suddenly the raceway said:
There is something up there on the tree!

The crow and the Lamppost looked at the top of the tree! Yes, there was something on the tree. A white thing! Lamppost said:
Aha! I realized! Indeed that white thing belongs to children!

The crow said:
So I have to solve this problem myself!

The crow flew and went to the top of the tree! Yes! A white ball was stuck in the tree! The crow hit the ball and threw it down! The children picked up the ball and waved to the crow! The crow turned and sat on the Lamppost! The Lamppost yawned and fell asleep again!

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