The Little Christmas Tree

The Little Christmas Tree
The Little Christmas Tree Information
Age0-3, 4-6
TypeChristmas, Bedtime
GenreFantasy, Funny

Amidst a bustling mall, a small Christmas tree eagerly awaits a home. Rejected for being small, it hopes for a family until one curious girl, Rose, makes a heartfelt choice.

audio story of the little christmas tree

The Little Christmas Tree Story

once upon a time! The little Christmas tree in our story was sitting in a big mall in the middle of the city. The tree was waiting for someone to buy it and take it home for Christmas!

worried christmas tree
worried christmas tree

The store was very busy and many people were coming and going!

The store was full of Christmas decorations! Items like colored balls, beautiful ribbons, bright stars and lots of chocolates and toys!

christmas ornaments
christmas ornaments

The Christmas tree of our story had come to the mall with a whole other tree a month ago and was waiting to go into a house! This tree was smaller and shorter than all its friends!

He thought it was a funny tree! But in this one month, no one liked our tree!

Everyone wanted a big tree! The little tree was always stressed and thought to himself:

Does that mean one day someone will buy me? It would be great if someone buys me! He decorates me with all the stars and colored balls and ribbons and I become very beautiful! Then the children leave the letters they wrote to Santa next to me and sleep! At night, Santa Claus comes and brings them lots of gifts! How exciting! I wish someone would buy me sooner!

The tree was in these thoughts when a family came to buy a Christmas tree! The tree said in its heart:

family buying a big tree
family buying a big tree

Come buy me! hurry up! It’s true that I’m short and small and I don’t have many leaves! But instead, I’m green and beautiful and I don’t take up much space like other trees! You can put me anywhere you want. On the table, next to the room and even on the kitchen bar table. Because I’m short, children can decorate me! Come buy me!

The little tree was talking in his heart so that the father of the family chose a big tree and they all went together! There was nothing left for our little tree to cry!

crying christmas tree
crying christmas tree

Why doesn’t anyone buy me? I am beautiful too!

The tree was sad when another family came! Mom and dad and their little beautiful girl! The little girl’s name was Rose! His mother used to say:

rose! Don’t go there! No! Take it away! It breaks!

Rose looked naughty! The tree thought to itself.

I think Rose will choose me! He is still small! It is probably 3 or 4 years old.

Rosie and her family
Rosie and her family

Mom Rose said:

These trees are very big!

Dad said:

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! We have to buy one!

Rose went and stood next to the little tree! She looked at him and turned around him! Like she liked the little tree!Be careful Rose! Be careful not to fall on me! do you like me? Do you want to buy me? said the tree.

Rose and christmas tree
Rose and christmas tree

Rose pointed to the small tree and said:

I want this! I want this small one!

The little tree said:

Hooray! She chose me! Yes, buy me! I am very beautiful!

Rose looked at the tree in surprise and said:

Can you Talk?

The Christmas tree said loudly.

Can you hear my voice?

Rose said:

Of course I hear! Why are you yelling?

Because no one had heard my voice until now! Now tell your father to buy me!

Rosie talking to the christmas tree
Rosie talking to the christmas tree

Dad! Dad! You can buy this little tree! Buy it! It is very beautiful! Please!

The Christmas tree asked Rose:

Why haven’t you bought a Christmas tree yet? Do you have another one at home?

No, we never had a Christmas tree at home! I told my mom that Santa doesn’t like us!

Why did you think this? Santa Claus loves us all!

You know, we didn’t have a Christmas tree last year and we didn’t get any presents. My mom says that people don’t celebrate Christmas in our country! We have just arrived in this country!

Aha! How interesting!

In our country, people do not celebrate Christmas and do not buy trees! can you believe?

Now why do you want to buy a Christmas tree?

Because all my friends are celebrating Christmas here! That’s why I decided to celebrate this year!

Then she said:

Dad! Please buy this tree!

OK, my daughter! Now I tell them to pack it for us so that we can take it!

Rose jumped up and down and chose balls, ribbons and stars! Then Mom, Dad and Rose picked up the little tree and went home together! Rose said loudly:

I want to decorate the tree! I am alone!

Then he secretly asked the tree:

Have you ever seen Santa Claus? what does he look like?

Santa Claus is a chubby old man with a long white beard who wears a red hat and clothes and is very kind! Have you written a letter to Santa so that he knows what to give you?

Yes! With the help of my mom, I wrote a letter that I will put under the tree!

hurry up! Bring the balls and stars and start decorating!

Rose designing tree
Rose designing tree

Mom called from the kitchen:

Honey, do you want help?!

No mom! I can do it myself!

When decorating the little tree was over, it was already dark! Rose put her letter with a glass of milk and a cookie next to the tree and slept!

When Rose woke up the next morning, the tree was full of presents that Santa had given her!

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